Suptadhara-Sahasradhara Trail.

If you leave Dhaka by night bus or mail train, you will be dropped off at Sitakunda in the morning. Get down to Sitakunda and have breakfast. You have to go from Sitakunda Bazaar to Ecopark. Get on the bus. It will take 5-6 minutes.

Take CNG from the gate of Echo Park to the main gate of the park, rent 10 TK per person. Tickets for the Eco Park there are 20 TK per person. CNG is available at the main gate, up to Sahasradhara stairs at a rent of TK 300. But I will tell you to walk without CNG.


On the way to Suptadhara, this road in Echo Park is characterized by short poems written on huge signboards or some meaningful special lines and warnings.



You can walk for 25-30 minutes to reach the entrance of Suptadhara Jharna. You have to go down about 422 steps to the mouth of the mountain stream flowing from the main Suptadhara. Slowly descend the stairs carefully. Don’t rush, it is a bit slippery on rainy days so it is better to wear trekking shoes or shoes with more friction. Start walking down the stairs to the left side of the stairwell. Carefully proceed slowly. Slippery stone at the bottom. After walking for a total of one to one and a half hours, you will hear the sound of latent water from a long distance.

After finishing the work of taking pictures, go to the fountain and stand with your eyes closed for a while, feel it. Respect the power of nature.



You will come back the same way you went through Jhiripath. It will be a little difficult to climb the stairs. Get up. You can get up and sit on the seat and eat dry food, of course, take enough water with you.



Another 20-30 minutes walk from Suptadhara is Sahasradhara Stairs. Although there are about 46 stairs, it is not as rugged as the staircase. And you don’t have to cross any waterway. As you descend the stairs, you will see endless millennia falling from many heights. Relatively much easier than the latent.



You have to climb 48 stairs again. This seems to be the most painful moment of this trail.


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