Surprising 5 buildings under water (video).

You may be dreaming, wandering underwater. The fish are hovering around you. Or you are sleeping in a mermaid’s abode. The twinkling light of the moonlit night is engulfing you through the water.





Yes, your dream is coming true now. You can do other things like walking under water, eating, sleeping and other activities very naturally. This will not stop your breath or even a drop of water in your body.

Various underwater hotels have been built in different countries for people who love to travel around the world. You can stay in these hotels for a fee. You can enjoy the memories seen in dreams. Here are some hotel information-






1. The Muraka: The Muraka Hotel is located in the Maldives. Maldives arranges accommodation in the world’s first underwater residential hotel. Murakai is that hotel. The hotel is located 18 feet under water. The whole beauty of the bottom of the sea can be enjoyed as there are glass walls on all four sides. One day stay in this hotel costs 50 thousand dollars or 40 lakh rupees.

2. Jules Andersen Loss: It is located in Florida, USA. The hotel is located 9 meters under water. No one can go to this hotel. Those who want to go here have to have a scuba driving certificate.

3. The Manta Resort: The Manta Resort is located on Pemba Island. It is located about 800 feet off the coast and 40 feet under water. The hotel has three floors under water. Here at night the moonlight will penetrate the glass and spread on your bed. Here you have to spend 15 hundred dollars or 1 lakh 30 thousand rupees for the night.






4. Water Discus Underwater Hotel. This hotel is located in Dubai. This hotel has been designed in an extraordinary way. This is the most beautiful hotel to see the life of the underwater animals.

5. Floating Sea Horse Retreat: It is also located in Dubai. This hotel is the most beautiful to stay under the sea. It is a three storey building. One of the floors is under water. You can enjoy underwater at the same time, again if you want.


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