Sylhet to Shillong.

The state of Meghalaya is most suitable for travel during the monsoon season. However, traveling to Meghalaya in winter, you will not be disappointed but will find a different kind of Meghalaya. Travel can cool the thirsty mind by getting lost in the mountains and clouds.
4 of us traveling from Sylhet to Meghalaya-





Day 1:
At 6:30 in the morning by bus from Sobanighat to Tamabil border. Shortly after 9 am, I entered India after completing all the immigration work in Bangladesh. Our journey to Meghalaya started after the formalities in the morning.
First I reserve a car with 4 seats, talk to the driver while leaving
1. Daoki Bridge,
2. Brohil Falls
3. Clean Village in Asia “Maolinong”
4. Living Route Bridge,
4. I will go to the police market after seeing the Bangladesh view point.
In the evening the police went down to the market and woke up at the hotel. At night I call Ratan Dada to go to Cherrapunji the next day. Although Ratan contacted Dada from Bangladesh but unfortunately he could not come with us. However, I complete all the tours with his driver Burhan Bhai. He is a very good man and a Bengali. His ancestor is Sylhet. So it was good to hear all the information from him on the spot.




Day 2: After breakfast, we left for Cherrapunji at 6.30 am. Cherrapunji Falls has water but excellent views. Notable sports were:
1 Maudok view point
2. Okaba Falls
3. Mausimai Cave,
4. Seven Sisters Falls
. Eco Park
6. Noah Kalika Falls
. Masawa Falls,
. Ramakrishna Mission

Day 3: Who do we keep this day for Shillong City Tour. The ones I seeঃ
1. Medina Mosque
2. Cathedral Church
3. Lady Yadri Park,
4. Don Bosco Museum
5. Umium Lake
6. Golf course
6. Words Lake.

Day 4: We checked out of the hotel in the morning and left for Senangpedang. After spending the whole day here, I crossed the border in the afternoon and came back to Bangladesh.





The cost of travel was as much as ঃ
Sobanighat to Tamabil – 65
Dauki to Police Market (with site scene) -1700
Shillong to Cherrapunji-2000
Shillong City Tour-1800
Shillong to Daoki (including Senangpedang) 2000
In many places parking charges have to be paid.


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