Talk about a tour of the Sajak Valley.

We all know Sajek Valley known as Darjeeling of Bangladesh. Its beauty is extraordinary, the description of which is not possible in the post. Some pictures may be slightly understood. We can’t find groups to hang out with a lot of time or if we want to hang out when we are in a bad mood. In our opinion, tour means group. In fact, it is not the case. There are many places you can visit on your own if you enjoy visiting. Today’s article is about how to turn Sajek at a very low cost.







There was no plan to go around. Due to the sudden deterioration of mental condition, I thought I would turn around a little. It’s 8 o’clock at night. After 15 minutes, he went out alone. Because I know from many travel experiences how to get around without spending too much.









This post is for those who just go around Sajek and don’t go anywhere else and those who have a budget of Rs 2,000. But yes, if you have the courage to decide only this tour. You will understand the rest only after reading the details.



I have been to Sajek, Khagrachari twice before. As a result I already had a good idea about this road and I had no desire to visit Khagrachari. I bought a ticket from Saidabad for Shanti Paribahan’s Dhaka to Baghaihat. Sajek directly by local jeep from Baghaihat. The reason for the courage of the mind is that 40/50 people and passengers often come and go from Baghaihat in Sajek local jeep. Where we are ordinary tourists 8-13 people go round trip. Many people will become unconscious thinking 40/50 people but in fact the drivers of local jeeps are much more experienced on this road. . But yes, it is not true that there are so many passengers all the time as when I came the whole road with only 10/12 people. Further away from Baghaihat, Machalang’s local market is so crowded on Thursdays and Fridays that many people will be scared to see the car. And after a while the passenger will get up / down, you have to decide the journey with the ability to decorate it, but the picture is better than Dhaka’s Turag: P. It will take very little time to pick up or drop off passengers. It usually takes 2 hours to reach Sajek from Baghaihat. As soon as I went to Sajek, I found a group and shared it in 2 rooms of 8 double beds. At night, I fell asleep on the top of the mountain like myself, enjoying the amazing beauty of millions of stars. I got up at 5 in the morning and went to the hill in front of the helipad. Good view can be seen from there. Clouds can be seen very well this season. Because last year we came but didn’t see the clouds. And those who will give a solo tour will try to manage the team by posting in advance about staying with TOB Help. And if you can spend a little more money then the team will not be needed. After spending the morning, take a local jeep from the front of Montana to Baghaihat (local jeep schedule is given below). The last bus of Shanti Paribahan left Baghaihat at 5.20 pm for Dhaka. This bus comes via Saidabad, Rampura, Kuril and Gazipur.

The cost of a solo tour is 6
Dhaka – Baghaihat (Khagrachhari) Tk. 820 (Shanti Paribahan Non AC)
Baghaihat (Khagrachhari) – Dhaka Tk. 820 (Shanti Paribahan Non AC)
Baghaihat – Sajek Tk 110 (local jeep)
Sajek-Baghaihat Tk 110 (local jeep)
ঃ 200 in shares
The rest is 340 rupees to eat
Total: 2000 thousand

Schedule of Baghaihat to Sajek / Sajek to Baghaihat Local Jeep 7
8.50 am, 11.30 pm 1.30 pm, 3.30 pm
If necessary, talk to the driver about the schedule.

Urgent message 6
We will not destroy the environment in any way by throwing dirt in the mountains. There is a lot of plastic in Kanlak Para which is really sad. I will throw the garbage in the garbage bin. I need to collect the garbage together and find the garbage basket and throw the garbage in the basket.

Note: Not everyone is being inspired by this tour. Share your own experience. Give the tour at your own discretion. I will be happy if you do not comment this type of spelling mistake. Hopefully you will understand the misspellings.


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