Tanguar Haor in winter.

Nature: – Poet Sufia Kamal says that winter gives nature a form of roughness. (Probably the poet did not go to Tahirpur, he would have said that winter has given me a lot, I have not given anything to winter except Vaseline). Nature is the one who finds joy and love in love.
Enjoyable place: –
Travel is a joy. But the fun is inside, let’s go inside. First, by motorbike through the magnificent villages on both sides, looking at the vast mountains of Meghalaya, Dhu Dhu crossed the huge shelf like a desert and reached the magic river Jadukata, the water of the river is clear like a mirror. This time you will see your real reflection not in the lab but in magic. As soon as you cross the river by trawler, you will find Barikkatila. As soon as you climb the hill, you will see the real harmony of nature, where you can see Meghalaya from the river, the hills and even the shelf. You don’t want to go, but you have to go to Shimulbagan, leaving gaps like highways, huge long rows of barren land, and growing parallel to the land. Every tree structure here is the same which will give you another extra pleasure. Then you will leave your mind in Shimulbagan and reach Barachhara. After reaching here, the work of motorcycle is over. After eating at Barachara restaurant, Niladri will go for a walk. Here you will find Bandarban in Bangladesh, you will see the sunset from the top of the hill. The magical pull of Neeladri Lake, and the feeling that the sodium light of Upper Bengal will give you right after evening, you will not get that feeling if you get a chance in Oxford. Eventually it became night in this status. You must not be an ass, you must rest. If the rest is also enjoyable, then there is no need for anything else in life. The rest will be a pleasure if you arrange to spend the night by boat, from Niladri to the Watch Tower of Tanguar Haor in two hours by boat. As you go, you will see twinkling starlight (you can count if you want) which will make nature gray and black, you will find light bulbs burning from distant villages, and there are sodium bulbs in Upper Bengal. You can have a BBQ PARTY or whatever you want by boat on the haor. You can get up early in the morning and enjoy the sunrise from the Watch Tower. But yes, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Niladri Lake and spend the night, you must have the boat ready. If you don’t do that, you will have to go back to Tahirpur Upazila, which is difficult and time consuming. Where the boat can be found, or where it will come from, how to get there can help the local people. The people in that area are very free minded.









How to go.
Sunamganj New Bridge can be reached from any part of the world, later by Laguna or motorbike. However, motorbikes will be better. If you go to Laguna, you will miss the vast mountains of Meghalaya. And a wonderful view of the village. You can visit all the spots on a motorbike except Tanguar Haor. You have to go around all the spots with the motorbike, you have to leave the bike. Because if you go to another spot, you will want more bike rent.
Cost: – 2 people on a bike. If you go directly to Niladri without visiting any of the spots, the rent is 150 rupees per head and if you visit the spots, you have to pay 200-250 rupees. And for the overnight boat it will cost 3500-4000 rupees. If you can’t cook by yourself, you can cook by telling the boatman, but there will be no charge for this if you say that you have to cook before confirming the boat.
B: The main joy of all happiness is night. Travel may not be complete without night. If you stay the night, pray to God at the end of the journey to give you the life of a tortoise.


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