The beginning and end of Bahr Desh (as many as you can see in Rangpur).

If you want to move around to Rangpur this season, I would like to say for you that Rangpur’s nick name is Green City. So almost everywhere you will find some or the other natural beauty as well as the rich past. You can start from the city, you will find a hundred year old town hall and district council which is also an old palace which is now a bird sanctuary. On the last afternoon you can come back to see the birds and hear their chirping. Then you will find another palace called Dewan Bari in the middle of the city. Chikli’s bill is in the middle of 2 km of the city. There is Kukrul Bill. There is the hundred-year-old Carmichael College’s campus. As you walk around the huge campus of the palace you will see the Kyzyllia tree. There are only 5 trees in the whole of Asia and 2 trees in Carmichael. Begum Rokeya’s house some distance from the city as well as her memory complex can be spent on the campus of Begum Rokeya University, which is built with the city. You will also find natural beauty there. You can go to the bank of Ghaghat river 3.5 km away from the city. Where there is a new place of entertainment built on the last frontier of Rangpur Cantonment is the famous place where a rare event of the world took place. There is a place full of heroism of the cantonment attack with bow and arrow. There is a huge natural beauty of Ghaghat river next to the monument of the memory of thousands of martyrs. You will find the famous Shataranji Palli a little closer. The shrine and mosque of Hazrat Keramatiar are near the Zero Point of the city. Today Shahjalal has come a long way due to the lack of butt branding of a preacher who was an equal to Hazrat Shahjalal. In the middle of the city, you can visit Rangpur Zoo from there. If you have time, you can go to Shampur in 15 minutes by train. After visiting the famous Shampur Sugar Mill, Narinde Dighi. You can visit Gopalpur Forest, 3 km south of Shampur, including the house of Zamindar Khitish Babu. If you don’t understand the feeling of being lost in the forest of shawls, walking along the sweet path in the middle of the forest. Rangpur can actually be eaten during the mango season, the most famous, expensive and valued Haribhanga mango in present day Bangladesh. Rajshahi’s mango is not even close to its reputation. Or you can leave the city on the last afternoon and go to the river Teesta 24 km away to watch the sunset. You can sit on the hundreds of years old railway bridge and watch the sunset on the river, then in the evening light you can take pictures in the light of the Teesta road bridge next to the city or you can go to the Tajhat zamindar’s house. Which is a branch of the one-time Supreme Court of Bangladesh which is now the Rangpur Museum. This famous palace is similar to Ahsan Manzil in Dhaka, but it is one step ahead of this Tajhat zamindar house Ahsan Manzil because its stairs are made of marble. You can leave the city to enjoy the theme park in a different world 15 km away which will fascinate you with its beauty, natural beauty and entertainment. Bangladesh’s 1st planetarium is in this different world. The second planetarium after this is the Bhasani Planetarium in Dhaka. You can go to the fire service office in Rangpur city, which is behind the house of the famous Rani Devi Chowdhurani. Or you can leave the city and go to Sadyapuskani Union some distance away. Where there is a place to pitch a tent during Ikhtiyar Uddin Bakhtiyar Khalji’s India Year Conquest. Where he dug in one night with his millions of soldiers a huge tank known as Sadyapuskani. In Sen-Para in the middle of the city you will find a house called Skyview which is Ershad’s father’s house. Or you can see Darshan’s village which is Ershad’s own house. Rangpur Circuit House and Bangladesh witnessed some exceptional events. Hasina and Khaleda were in this circuit house on the same day. Khaleda Zia on the second floor and Sheikh Hasina on the ground floor. Apart from that, the 1st cabinet meeting of the history of Bangladesh was held at the 1st Rangpur Circuit House outside Dhaka. The late Nazrul musician Firoza Begum, the daughter-in-law of Bakali House, the zamindar’s house in the inner city, can be visited. There are steps inside the city. You can visit the Liberation War Museum from there as well. If you want to spend the night on the river, you can go to Mahipur, 12 km north of the city, in winter. Haragacha can visit the famous bidi, cigarette and tobacco industrial city of Bangladesh. Not only that, there are many more Mughal period temples including Mithapukur’s Taraka Mosque, Ananda Nagar in Pirganj, Mayar Bhuban in Badarganj, Rubber Garden in Pirganj and thousands more things to see. Now I will tell you how to come to Rangpur and where to stay. You can come to Rangpur by bus, train or plane in any way. Agmani, SR, TR, Hanif, Nabil and other transport AC, non AC buses leave 24 hours a day from Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Khulna. You can also come by train from Kamalapur by leaving Rangpur Express at 9 o’clock. Or United Airways, Biman Bangladesh and US Bangla Airways can come to Rangpur through Syedpur Airport. To stay in Rangpur, there are four star hotel North View, tourist motel, RDRS motel, Vijay Hotel, Hotel Golden Tower and many more. And food? All over the city you will find delicious all-you-can-eat restaurants, fast-food and Chinese and Thai restaurants. To get around the city you will find rickshaws, auto rickshaws, buses, rented cars. But why the delay? Come back from the land of Bah.

Because Rangpur is full of Hummer colors. Ayus rice khenamo, Thaiken janam bhari, foreign friend. . . . . . . . .


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