The southern Indian state of Kerala.

Hmmm, really. Budd is more of an exaggeration. But it is not in name, it is in its form.
I was talking about the southern state of Kerala in India. The entire province, which covers an area of ​​about 39,000 sq km, is adorned with nature-like posaras, where even the slightest trace of scarcity is difficult to find. Floating on paddle boats in the blue waters of the frozen lake in the middle of the high mountains, walking hand in hand on the green carpet of the tea-garden arranged like a wave, indifferent to the vastness of the open water from the front porch of the house floating in the calm water of the backwaters. After wandering in the creepy environment, walking on the winding road again, suddenly lost in the whiteness of the clouds hidden in the lap of the mountain, or standing at the door of the supernatural fountain created by the rapids of the water rushing from the gorge hundreds of feet high. As you listen to the delirious Arabian Sea delirium on the bench, you will realize for yourself the reason for naming that excess. The generous patterns of so much diversity in nature will bind you to the magic of hypnosis.






There is no reason to think of Kerala as small in terms of size or size of the map as it will take at least 15 days to see the whole of Kerala well. However, those who want to complete the tour in 5-6 days due to lack of time and budget or individual, like me, basically arrange their tour plan around Munnar, Thrissur, Thekkadi, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Kanyakumari. The cost of touring Kerala with the extraordinary combo package of mountains, rivers, seas and jungles is also affordable. The whole of Dhaka-Dhaka including 5/6 nights stay-eat and travel in Kerala can be recovered within 12-15 thousand rupees if train is the means of travel between Kolkata-Kerala. You can watch this video to get a full idea of ​​Kerala travel plan and cost.


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