The tourism capital of Bengal.

Bangladesh is a very small country on the map of the world. Still fascinated by the beauty and diversity, Hiuen Tsang said, “The darkness of sleeping beauty.” Sometimes the mountain rushing on the chest of the river and standing in the middle of the clouds on both sides of the mountains thrill the mind. Once again, the roar of the sea floating in the distance on a quiet beach covered in darkness, it seems as if one more life would have been cut short. He became a successful Bengali.










Cox’s Bazar is the longest uninterrupted sandy beach in the world. Bengal is known as the tourist capital of travel thirsty people. Cox’s Bazar was named after Captain Hiram Cox of the British East India Company. The former name of Cox’s Bazar was Palanki. After the issuance of the East India Company Ordinance, 1773, Warrant Hosting became the Governor of Bengal and Hiram Cox became the Director-General. Arakan seeks to resolve a thousand-year-old conflict between refugees and the local Rakhine community. But he died before finishing work. But to commemorate his contribution, a market was later established, known as “Mr. Cox’s Market.” Even in the 21st century, the retention of that name proves that Bengalis are a nation with a huge heart.
Undoubtedly the beach is the main attraction of Cox’s Bazar. As well as seeing the setting sun in the last afternoon light from Himachari hills, Inani beach, Ramu rubber garden and one hundred feet lion bed Buddhist statue, Maheshkhali Island will undoubtedly take away all the fatigue of your thirsty mind. Image taken from Sugandha Point on Cox’s Bazar Beach (Dhaka-Cox’s Bazar-Beach)


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