The unique beauty of nature is Kanchenjunga,

Many people still understand only Sikkim, Gangtok, Zero Point, Baba Mandir, Changu. But apart from that, there are plenty of offbeat places in Sikkim, where you will be mesmerized by Kanchenjunga and the stunning beauty of nature, needless to say.





Today I will present to you the story of such a place. You have to get off at New Jalpaiguri station by train from Howrah. If anyone arrives by plane, he or she will land at Bagdogra Airport. From there you can hire a car and cross the road in six hours and reach Melibazar, Jorthang and reach a village called Okhre in Pasham Sikkim. Here you will find some homestays, it is better to book in advance. After lunch, go for a walk around the village. With extra payoffs, amazing Kanchenjunga, and a variety of birds. You just have to have a beautiful camera in hand.





On the second day, have breakfast in the morning and go out for Bars. After driving for 40 minutes, the car will stop at a place called Hill. After that the car will not go. The next path is the whole walking path. As soon as you step up the stairs in front of the road, you will see the words “welcome to Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary”. Make a gate pass and walk along the road surrounded by pine, bamboo and rhododendron trees for three hours. A creepy environment. You will also find a place to rest in the middle of this walking path. After a three-hour walk you will reach the Barracks Forest Barracks or Guras Kunj. If you stand here and look at Kanchenjunga, you will have no place to turn your eyes. Both the Forest Barracks and Guras Kunj in Bar are places to stay. You can come here and have lunch. There is nothing to look at here, but the way Kanchenjunga will hold you all day, you don’t seem to want to see anything new after that. But there is no electric system in Bar্সa. A couple of lights flicker in the solar, but if the sky is cloudy again, it will not light. So the candlelight is the only hope after the sun sets. The cold is quite good here, so it is best to get up early for dinner and go under the blanket. If you can make the food yourself at the bar, then it will be good.




Having breakfast the next morning, we had to walk the same way back up the hill. Your car will be parked there. Drive from the hill to Kaluk or Rinchenpong, anywhere in an hour or so. Once here, you can have lunch and go for a walk, to see the local market, some places to visit (caves, lakes). And Kanchenjunga is always with you on one side. Come back to the hotel in the afternoon and have a hot pokra, and have tea or coffee and play cards with your friends.


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