This is a symbol of amazing beauty.

This is a place when I think of that place when I see pictures of that place, I don’t feel bad anymore. Where the bad guys can’t catch anyone at all. Here the depraved ones fly with the wind, float with the clouds after the rain of happiness falls.



Where the depraved ones scatter on the hills and embrace in the fog of caress, where the depraved ones get lost in the deep pine forest, tremble with a handful of thrills, where the depraved people eat their houses in the rocks, become a fountain of ebb and flow and embrace themselves in the eternal embrace of the river. Where the depraved ones are swept away by the mad current of the mountain river, far away in the unknown, from country to country. And this is a place, a place where there is no end to my writing!



How will the writing end? And how to be upset? He didn’t keep it anyway. Everything about it is infallible, unearthly and unbearable to our common people.



When the clouds come here, the clouds seem to be the closest one. Touches soaks, comes to the edge of the window and boasts, breaks his pride as soon as he opens the window, hugs you, removes the bad mood, forces you to put a smile on your face. The clouds make the mind feel good here, in an instant.



Here when it rains, it continues to rain. The rhythms of the rain then, the endless humming of the song. The green hills then turned silver, and the window panes were awkward. Colorful flowers, green grasses, hanging tree vines, everyone seems to start dancing happily. Wet green became more green. The colorful flowers become more colorful.



When the fog falls here, the surroundings are covered with a little caress. Mountains, pine forests, rivers, fountains, sky. What a wonderful way to screw people over. Recognizes the world in a different way. Everything here then takes the form of another world. I wish I could walk in the unknown pine forest and get lost in that amazing forest. I want to lean on a mountain and wrap myself in this sheet of smoke, I want to be swept away by the current of the smoky river.



Here when the sun smiles, at the same time everything seems to shine and smile. Mountains, forests, rivers, fountains, trees, grass, herbs, and fields. Everyone seems to be illuminated by the light of the sun instantly. They decorate themselves according to their whims. Some in silver, some in gold, some in blue and some in shades of different colors. Then the eyesight became very helpless. The two eyes became very helpless and told the mind why the two eyes? Why don’t people have two more eyes? How many more forms can be seen in the eyes of the sun falling in the smile?



On the one hand, the mountains turn blue with the green hills, on the other hand, the snow-capped peaks on top of the green hills turn into different colors. One day in the deep pine forest, the yellow joy is, on the other hand, the rainbow color is playing in the flowing stream. And the glittering laughter of the flowing silver river made me mad. These mountains, forests, rivers, waterfalls, so many of these glimpses can be enjoyed with just two eyes full of life? You can’t.
Maybe if one wants to be king on a sunny red morning, a very lazy afternoon, or a luxurious afternoon after the rain, then there is no point. The owner of his own hotel or cottage can be ridden on the pet horse in the guise of a king. You can run around in a hurry, in an unknown mountain, in an unknown forest, you can get lost in the distance. Where and as far as desired. If you ever want to, you can ride a horse and you can easily cross the disobedient river, the fountain of the surge, and the path of a friend laying thousands of stones.



I will go to the top of a hill, tie the horse, and tie myself to the mountain, staring at the blue sky, spend lazy time walking, sitting or rolling. On the last afternoon, when the light of the day will ask me for leave, I will ride a horse. I will return to my abode with the sun, clouds, rain, and fog.



I will lay the tired body on the green grass carpet. Maybe a little breeze or a drizzle of rain or a little fog soaked in the embrace will find a new meaning in life, the taste of survival, I will feel it, I will bow down in gratitude to the infinite gift of God.



I will lose myself in the joy of being able to go to such a place in such a life in another world of thoughts, imagination, and dreams.
It’s no longer a place. My very, very, very, very favorite place. My secret affair, giving myself a free spa, like that 21-year-old Titanic’s Rose, like that Catwinslet!


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