This is like a blue fairy land.

I used to hear the story of the blue fairy on my mother’s face as a child I would go into the realm of imagination to tell the story of my mother’s son. Pankhiraj rode his horse through the white clouds and my dream boat sailed in the wind. Whenever I asked when my mother would take me to the land of blue fairies? My mother used to say with a smile, honey, you are very young, when you are very big, you can go to the land of the blue fairy. There is a big brother in the land of the blue fairy, when he sees the gods, he swallows it with a big ha. If you want to go to the land of the blue fairy, you have to cross seven seas and thirteen rivers. In that country you have to ride on the back of a dolphin. When my father grows up, he will go to the land of the blue fairy. Sleep 7






How many nights have I spent dreaming of my blue fairy land? I am going to cut the blue water and ride on the back of the dolphin in the land of the blue fairy How long have I been thinking- well what will the blue fairy country be like? Are there people there? Are people captive to a naughty monster? Will the blue fairy rescue them ??

After spending the days of my childhood in Danpit, I entered into adolescence at one time Until then I have forgotten the story of that blue fairy country. Time goes by in the flow of time Then my school runaway day. Rakib, Ian, Jovan, Max were my partners in crime After reading the stories of the three detectives, everyone is eager for adventure Togbagge teenager who just passed school and went to college. This age is called bad elders However, the technology of that time was not so advanced. Sitting next to the girls to take the test, to ask with a little sly eye, if caught, the laughter of that indulgence is still ringing in my ears.







Now trapped in the generation gap, I wonder how advanced the boys and girls are In that difficult Conservative era, with the permission of 5 teenage parents, they agreed to go to Cox’s Bazar after listening to the story. Oh what a joy! No one knows about their secret desire for St. Martin. Then Kerry came new to this route. But it goes without saying that he is not likely to run in this hectic season of Baishakhi in April. So the journey of our adventure started in a trawler from Teknaf.

Our trawler is cutting the water level of Naf river. A wonderful reunion of river hills around. Our Bay of Bengal is calling with a hand clap on the distant horizon. The Naf River is like an unwritten border between Myanmar and Bangladesh. The mind of this teenager is getting lost between turquoise and blue water. Rahim Mia, the driver of the trawler, is briefing us A jetty can be seen in the distance.






Rahim Mia said I have come to Shah Pari Island 6 Legend has it that Shah Shuja and his wife Pari Banu came to the island after the chase of Mir Joomla and took refuge there. As far back as I can remember, the prison was on the shores of the sea. From the ghat I could see the fishermen playing bloody eyes with the sea. Our journey started again after some people landed on Shah Pari Island. I could see that the sky was covered with thick black clouds. The wind is blowing in the sea The calamity of disaster is coming towards us.

The trawler entered the Bay of Bengal The storm of Kalavaishakhi started as soon as it entered the sea During the day, it was as if the darkness of the night came down to the sea The souls of the five of us trembled Cool shores are not visible. Our trawler is swaying to the beat of the big waves. Rising up and down with the waves

I suddenly remembered the story of my childhood, the land of the blue fairy The waves of the sea are constantly swallowing us like that brother. And the trawler thinks that my dolphin will take me to the land of the blue fairy

I saw death for the first time in my life so closely. Ayatul Kursi, everyone started reciting Doa Darud. In the midst of so much rolling, I went to the remembrance of Allah. All the favorite faces floated in my mind. We were all a little surprised to see a smile on Rahim Mia’s face. I was annoyed and asked, “How are you smiling even in this disaster?” Rahim Mia replied that this sea does not accept anyone’s body. The trawler will not sink here even in a big disaster.

I felt a little courage back in my chest. 10-12 minutes seemed to pass like an era. His sudden departure, just as his sudden departure. The body could no longer take the pressure. I started vomiting. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. I could not understand how long our trawler was running like this in the rough sea. Suddenly I came back from the world of dizziness at the call of Rahim Mia. Little Babu Saheb saw St. Martin. Ah, St. Martin, this is my blue fairy land.


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