This is like a paradise in blue water and silver sand.

Bholaganj Zero Point is going to be another new destination for travel lovers in Sylhet. Evergreen hills, waterfalls, blue Dhalai rivers, white stones glistening in the clear water and the unique beauty of the sand have made Jaflong or Bichananakandi even better. This new tourist center, just 33 km away from Sylhet city, is inviting nature lovers with open arms.




Dhalai river of clear blue water. Running in the middle of the boat. Looks like a paradise. The white sand on both sides of the river has enhanced the beauty several times. It is like a piece of blue water in the heart of the desert. Silver sand and stones are shining on the bottom due to the radiation of the sun.

Get off the boat and walk some distance on the sand. Then the kingdom of stone. It looks like a bed, but the rocks here are white. The place is also several times bigger than Bichanakandi. The magic of green in the high mountains beyond Zero Point. The cool water of the fountain coming down from there is flowing at a restless speed through the rocks. Clear water, white stone and green mixed uniformly. I think the murmur of water in the middle of it sways. Everything is arranged by nature.





All in all, it is like a magical nature in Bholaganj. What could be better than getting rid of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Khandaker Sipar Ahmed, president of the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said, “Since it has been declared as the daughter of nature, there is a place to stay in the vicinity. Like the rest house, many tourists will come.”

Like other tourist centers, there is no accommodation here. However, keeping in mind the potential here, the tourism businessmen have taken initiative to build hotels and resorts near Zero Point.


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