This post is for those who want to give a comprehensive tour in one day.

The story of 5 famous spots in Chittagong in one day:

Many people have posted about Bashbaria, Mahamaya, Guliyakhali in the group. I also have the same post but there are differences in spot, time and money.
I would say one day we will visit Mahamaya Lake, Guliyakhali Beach, Bashbaria Beach, Kumira Bridge and Chittagong Port.




How to get there:

There is a counter of Star Line, ENA Paribahan at Titipara in Dhaka. At night go directly to Star Line or Enate on SSK Road in Feni city. From there take Tuku counter at night and take Chittagong-bound bus from Mahipal junction in Feni to Mirsarai’s Thakurdighi Bazar in the morning. In the market.
From there take a bus to Sitakunda Bazar again. Go to the market and reserve cng and take it to Guliyakhali Beach. Take a rickshaw straight from the market to Bashbaria Beach. Take a tour of the beach and visit Bashbaria Bazaar. From there you can go to Laguna or Minibus to Big Kumira Bazaar. From the market you can go to Kumira Bridge by rickshaw / cng and come back to Big Kumira Bazaar. From there go by car like minibus or Laguna to Alangkar corner of Chittagong city. You will get bus of route 11 there. Get up and say port 4 gate (custom). Get off, turn around the port building and take the bus of route 11 again to Alangkar corner. 2 m. Let’s walk to Ake Khan Road. There are all Dhaka-bound bus counters. Buy tickets and come back to Dhaka.




★ That’s how we went

Cost + time:

1. Dhaka – Feni Bus: Non AC-260 / – and AC-350 (3-3.30 hrs)
2. Thakurdighi Bazar from Mahipal of Feni: 40-50 / – (40-50 m.)
3. Thakurdighi – Mahamaya cng up + down: 15 + 15 = 30 / – (5-6m to go)
And to enter Mahamaya Lake you have to pay 10 / – fee
And kayaking 1 hour 200-300 / – (student 200 / -)
4. Thakurdighi – Sitakunda Bazar: 40-50 / – (30-35m.
5. Sitakunda Bazar – Guliyakhali Beach Full Cng reserve: 250 / – (up + down) (15-20m to go)
6. Sitakunda Bazar – Bashbaria Bazar: 15 / – (15 m.)
. Bashbaria Bazar – Bashbaria Beach: 20 + 20 = 40 / – (up + down) (to go (10-15m)
. Bashbaria Bazar – Big Crocodile: 10 / – (15 m)
9. Big Crocodiles – Crocodile Bridge Rickshaw: 20 + 20 = 40 / – (up + down) (10-15m to go)
10. Big Kumira – Chittagong Alangkar Mor: 26-30 / – (40-45 m.)
11. Alangkar Mor – Port: 20 + 20 = 40 / – (25 m to go)
12. Return to Dhaka: Non AC 480 / – and AC 1250 / – (7-8 hours)





 Total cost to complete our tour: 1610 / – per person

B: Note: We went two. Here the cost per person is given. Having two of us cost us a little more later. But these are very basic costs, if you do not. The cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner is up to you. And the more people there are, the lower your costs will be.





And the main thing is that you have to leave Mahipal between 7-8: 30 in the morning. If you can’t pay, it will be difficult to cover in one day. And if you follow in this way, you will be able to see these places in one day. After finishing all my places, the time on the clock is 5.20 pm.

And Guliyakhali and Bashbaria have to be completed before evening. Because the place is not safe after evening. Local Polapan Disturb Occasionally.

So I invite everyone to come to these spots.


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