This post is for those who want to visit Tanguar Haor, Jadukata, Niladri, Barek Tila in one day.

1) Move here from anywhere in the country to the new bridge of Sunamganj. The new bridge is a little far from the city. After coming here, you will see many Laguna, motorcycles. / 3 people can sit. Reserve motorcycle will rent 1000 rupees per bicycle (bargaining as much as you can). How many bikes you will take depends on the member. We took 3 bikes for 6 people. Total 3000 TK (330 people per person). Will bring the new bridge here again in the evening.




(2) First you will be taken to see the Jadukata river. It will take an hour and a half from the new bridge. After a while in the Jadukata river, after crossing the river, Barek Tila.




(3) Then it will take you to Limestone Lake / Carey / Niladri. It will take about 45 minutes. Take a bath here. But be very careful.

(4) Then go to the market and have lunch.




(5) Then you will be taken to the “dump market”. Go here and fix the boat to go around Tanguar Haor. There were 6 of us. The rent of the small boat is 1000 TK (142 per person).

(7) It will take one and a half / two hours to go from the dump market to Tanguar Haor Watch Tower. Toby went to the Watch Tower, took a picture, and jumped back into the water.









(6) From the Watch Tower, the boat will come to the dump market again. The biker will wait here. Then they will drop you off at the new bridge again. It will take about two / two and a half hours.
Do not delay unnecessarily as there is a lot of fog at night.

(6) From the new bridge to the old bridge in the auto. You will get many cars. Back in the car at night and if you want to stay, there are many hotels here.

Photo :: Magic River:




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