TOB is a great travel experience.

The day before I finished my first Bandarban tour, I heard the first name of Saka Huffong and saw the first picture of Raixiang and Pukur Para… After returning from Bandarban, two friends decided to go to Saka Huffong. I didn’t think about TOB at that time, but I tried to find out as much as I could about Saka Huffong by browsing the Somewhere in the blog. Finally, that day came, I left for Bandarban by night bus in early September. This time the tour will be the second trek of life! It can be said that there is no idea about extreme trekking, on the previous tour from Ruma to Boga then from Boga to Keokradong this was the trekking experience. Anyway, the next day when I reached Ruma Bazaar, I decided to take the guide, a 7-day tour. I was in Bagate on the first night. The next morning, two friends and the guide left. It is good to say that my plan has changed for the better from the beginning. In the beginning, I started the trek with the purpose of Keokradong.


I can’t sleep properly for two nights, I think it cost at the beginning. Shortly after the start of the Kewkradong Trek, the first steep slope to be climbed, I started there and started halfway, there was a team of three foreigners behind us, while I was standing halfway, I saw what beautiful foreigners were passing by me. Two of them were girls. When the last girl passed by, I felt a challenge inside myself. We started the trek again, went to Darjeeling and found them, then they couldn’t catch us anymore. I went to Jadipai and backed up before them. However, on the way back from Jadipai, it became news when he got up. The lack of sleep for the previous two nights was becoming very painful. I couldn’t hold myself back after eating back in the neighborhood, I just went to bed to take a rest, I didn’t even realize when I fell asleep. I woke up in the afternoon, I thought I would stay in Jadipai that day. But at the insistence of the guide, I started the trek again soon after. Let’s go to Thai Xiang Para. On the way to Thai Xiang Para, the guide said that bears sometimes appear in the vicinity of this trailer. A few days ago, a Marma boy was attacked and turned into an idiot. I was at the end, and on the whole trail there were only three of us, all around, silent, sometimes an unknown insect or something like that was calling out in a monstrous voice.


All in all, what a creepy environment, I was looking at the back trail after a while, I knew how. After a while, it started to rain lightly and after that, the whole trail was covered with clouds, then everything seemed more mysterious. But at this stage I was no longer afraid of bears, I was walking along the trail in the middle of the cloud-covered mountains and it seemed that Swapnil was going to a fairyland, to be honest, the feeling at that time was indescribable. In the evening I reached Thaixiang Para. Leaving my bag at the dealer’s room, I took a rest and went out to take a bath. This is where the Ekta Haisakar incident happened. After taking a bath, I was back in the dark, when suddenly I discovered that I could not think of a business house! At first, I turned my head to read, but I couldn’t find it. Many people from the neighborhood had gathered in the evening chat, and everyone was looking at me with curiosity. And I was wondering what can be done with Aktu Panic, then I went to a grandfather who was ashamed and said, I can’t find Dada Karbari’s house, will you show Aktu? He looked at me in surprise and asked, what does it mean I can’t find it ?? I said I actually lost !! On hearing this, four or five grandfathers opened their hearts and laughed. One of the grandfathers said with a smile, “Come, I will take you.” Later he went to Karbari’s house and heard the incident and started laughing again.


The next day I got up very early and went out again, today’s destination is directly in Nepu. After going out in the morning and crossing the canal, I reached Hazro Para under Sakar in the last afternoon. My backpack got wet while crossing the canal. It was getting heavier and heavier, it was costly to pull, it was getting late in the evening so I thought I would stay in Hazro today. But the guide said it would not be right to stay in Hazro. The people in the neighborhood are not very friendly. I started climbing the hill. Shortly after waking up, the evening came down. I will remember this trek in the dim light for a long time. Sometimes I wanted to cry, because the weight, the backpack looked very heavy. The backpack was a bit heavy due to a lack of experience. The evening light was fading, and I was slowly falling behind my friend and guide. Sometimes they were hiding in the middle of the forest, then I was calling them. This is the end of my condition due to the weight of the backpack! As I climbed the steep slope, I sometimes felt as if I was going to fall backwards due to the pull of the backpack.


In the middle of it, there was a complete reservoir, there was no light with it, trekking could be done at night and in that case light would be needed, I would not have known all this then! Anyway, in the dim light of the mobile lights, I was somehow climbing up in the middle of the aadhaar, as much as I was getting up and it seemed that I would never see the neighborhood again. This jungle will never end, moreover, I was constantly cursing myself that I would come to some crazy Balsilo mountain, I would keep my hands on the bushes around the forest and keep some balance and if I come to the mountain in life! However, many centuries later, in the midst of the darkness above, it was as if some very bright light could be seen in Timtim, the guide said.


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