Top 8 places in the world for romantic couples

Let’s find out about the place where you can spend a lot of beautiful and romantic time with the people you love.

1. Bathing under the open sky in Botswana





Couples can enjoy this opportunity in one of Kent’s packages. Couples will get the opportunity to bathe under the open sky under this package. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. And if it is at night and if you look up and see a thousand stars, then? You can spend a lot of romantic time with your spouse.




2. Want to be like James Bond? Move to Monaco

At some point in life, the hobby of being a spy awakens in everyone’s mind. What if that dream is fulfilled with the people you love? Your dream will come true, Hotel Metropolitan Monte Carlo. Special suites are available at this hotel. If you book that suite, you’ll get a chance to tour the Monte Carlo Casino. You will be taken to Aston Martin (accompanied by James Bond music). Then there is the helicopter tour. Then lunch. Where only you and your loved ones will be. In the afternoon there is a chance for a romantic long drive for you. Then there is the spa in the room, the opportunity to massage. And at night there is a special romantic dinner arrangement.
Then why are you late? Make a plan now with your spouse.





3. Attend the ancient ceremonies of Peru

The most ideal place for couples who want to spend their private time is the holy land of Peru. There you will find hotels. Enjoy romantic lunch and dinner arrangements. There are also arrangements for cooking training. The two can also cook together. The hotel is built on 100 acres of land. Worship is performed according to various ancient rules. You can also participate in it.




4. Spending time in igloo

Who doesn’t like skiing? Skiing is a great way to spend leisure time. And the igloo? Ever wanted to spend time with a igloo picture on a book or on a TV? If awake, you can spend time skiing and iglooing together in Japan. Japan has this opportunity for you. There is an artificial snowfall system. After skiing, you can spend time in igloo with the person of your choice.




5. Can be part of making Argentine wine

In Argentina you and your spouse can enjoy the whole process of making wine together. Their wine-making season is from February to May. If you go there at this time you can see the whole process. If you stay there for three nights, there is an opportunity to taste as well as the process of making wine.




. Going piranha fishing in the Amazon River

You may have traveled on different cruises. But there is a completely different experience for you. The whole journey will be in the middle of the Amazon in Peru. The journey will stop at different spots, where you can enjoy hunting. Kayaking, hunting in the jungle and yes, piranha fishing. Very exciting journey, isn’t it?

. Spending the night in the middle of the forest

If you think you are a very brave couple then this package is for you. Suppose a jungle, where there are many wild animals. And in the middle of the open space you are arranged to sleep. How are you? Are you afraid or will you show courage?
Botswana will give you this opportunity. You will be given a place to sleep in a place where there are many elephants. Under the open sky, a king size bed with numerous stars on the head. The elephants will wake up in the morning. How do you feel? Romantic or thrilling?





. Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Most couples want to go to Maldives. Blue water, your cottage in the middle of it. What could be more romantic? You can take your loved one to Maldives. You can spend some time alone.


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