Top 9 Honeymoon / Honeymoon Places in Bangladesh.

There is a custom in Bengali culture, when winter comes, the wedding is in full swing. And honeymoon is a post-wedding event that contributes to the emotional well-being of the newlyweds. Honeymoon is no longer a luxury, it is a part of arranged life after marriage. Depending on your financial ability, where will you spend two or four days holding hands with your beloved, at home or abroad?
We have many beautiful places in this beautiful, green and beautiful Bangladesh. Of the many beautiful places, only nine are named







1. Cox’s Bazar: Cox’s Bazar is the first place in the country to celebrate the honeymoon. A nice white sandy beach where you can run around holding stories in your hands and telling tricks. You will be mesmerized by the tide, and as far as the eye can see at low tide, you can only see tens of thousands of scattered corals, sitting on that living coral rock, soaking your feet in the white foaming waves and soaking your feet in the worldly plan of the future.

2. St. Martin: The only coral island in Bangladesh. The locals also call it Coconut Ginger. Because there are lots of coconut trees. Sitting under that tree in the middle of the night, in the breeze and the waves of the sea – with the head in the lap of the new bride, the moments of being engrossed in various stories will be remembered forever.

3. Sajek Valley: The third place to celebrate the honeymoon in the courtyard of the memorial is the Sajek Valley, now the best tourist spot built on a rocky hill. Those who have been married for some time, but have not decided where to go to celebrate the honeymoon, they run to Sajek Valley in Baghaichhari upazila of Rangamati district without thinking anywhere else. I did not give the description of Sajek. Do not go and see the natural beauty of Sajek and the sunrise rising from the Mizoram hills!

4. Netrokona: Netrokona is the queen of history, tradition and nature. No one will look for the history and tradition to make the honeymoon thrill. Not to mention, so for them, Su-Sang Durgapur in Netrokona district is the best hit. Don’t spend a lot of golden time alone on the banks of Someshwari river or at the foot of Chinamati hill.

5. Srimangal: Srimangal is a tea leaf country in Maulvi Bazar district. In the middle of a tea garden, on the balcony of a resort or in the open wilderness, there is a lot of opportunity for the two of you to go for a walk, there is also Madhabpur Lake, the infinite blessing of Nilpadma drops nature. Sit there and spend hours and hours in the company of your beloved in peace.








. Mangrove Forest Sundarbans: Take a long walk away from the noise at the Diamond Point of the Sundarbans. During the honeymoon celebrations, the mind will not want to come back to the crowded city of noise pollution. Walk around in the daylight in the Keora forest and in the light of the full moon on the verandah of the rest house telling all the funny stories.

. Nijhumdwip: Embrace the new bride in the shade of keora and golpata all the time. The deer of the forest will not play a role in the rhythm of the happy moments of the two of you. There will only be two of them. And the foundation of the future world can be built in such an environment.

. Rangamati’s Jurachari: Nowadays, there are many couples who like to travel adventure in their personal life. Clouds where lazy time spent leaning on the mountain! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

9. Tindu of Bandarban: The analogy of Tindu is only Tindu. At the end of the night, when Kakdaka dives into the clear waters of the mountain river Kharsrota at dawn – then it will seem as if the honeymoon has come to an end, the bond between the two has become unbroken forever.

Communication and accommodation: If you want to go to Nijhumdwip, it will be by road and waterway, but it is quite safe by waterway. Ships leave Sadarghat every day for Hatia in Noakhali and from there in trawlers to Nijhumdwip. Stay tuned for more. If you want to go to Bandarban, there are AC / non AC bus services of different transports from Dhaka to Bandarban.

Thanchi by local bus / jeep from Bandarban city. Tindu in trawler from Thanchi market. There are cottages to stay and eat. The rent is affordable. If you want to go to Jurachari, Rangamati from Dhaka; Then the ship from the city’s reserve market jurachari. Indigenous people live in rented rooms. In a small house surrounded by hills, the thrill of honeymoon will become full of sixteen arts. In the case of the Sundarbans, from Dhaka to Mongla, with the permission of the Forest Department, to Hiran Point in a forged boat.

If you want to go to Sajek Valley, take Shanti Paribahan from Dhaka to Khagrachhari’s Dighinala. From there by jeep / motor bike to Sajek Valley. In the case of Netrokona, take a bus from Mohakhali in Dhaka to Susang-Durgapur. It will take only five hours. Will stay at YMC including the post bungalow of the district council. Eat red bidi with rice and fish broth of Someshwari river.

In case of going to St. Martin, there are direct bus services from Dhaka to Teknaf. From Teknaf we sailed to St. Martin, the coral island of the dream courtyard. If you want, you can taste various types of marine fish cooked by Radhuni artists of the cottage.
In the case of Srimangal, both buses and trains run. But the feeling of going to Srimangal, the land of tea, by train will be different. Stay and eat, in several cottages including Anandabari built next to Lauyachhara forest. But wherever you are, it should not be wrong to drink seven colors of tea with chitai pitha and blue voice.

Cost: Out of nine places – except for four, in the remaining five places, a week of honeymoon will cost only twelve to fifteen thousand rupees. Cox’s Bazar, St. Martin’s, Sajek and Srimangal are the four places where the reins of spending rest


I have to know. If you want to spend a week in a rough way, it will cost at least fifty to one lakh rupees.


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