Tour of Tanguar Haor, Tekerghat, Quarry Lake.

Sylhet is the city of memories. I started my career in this city. I spent two years of my youth here. On holidays, I used to visit tea gardens, fountains and hills. Sunamganj is a little far from the city. But I know why Sunamganj did not call me! 6 years after leaving the city of Sylhet, I had the opportunity to go to Sunamganj. Mainly Ratargul, Bichnakandi, Lalakhal, Jaflong, Tanguar Haor to Tekerghat tour plan has been arranged. A team of 10 people. The team leader is our mentor Asad Sir. There are regular traveling companions including classmate-friend Abedin, Amin, Shafayat, Zaki. Sylhet Metro Joint Sessions Judge Suhrid is providing logistical support to colleague Yasir Arafat. On the first day, after visiting Jaflong and Lalkhal, I reached Sunamganj at night and got up at the circuit house. The Sunamganj circuit house is very beautiful. At night I ate Pabda fish soup with white rice at Kutumbari. I drank tea standing in the open yard. Walking a little way, I saw the city of Hasan Raja. Naturally, I have heard the story of the colorful life and luxury of this bohemian feudal lord. His great grandson poet Mominul Muzuddin was the mayor of Sunamganj municipality. This happy leader used to turn off the street lights in the city on a full moon night. In the full moon, the streets of the city might have become a silver river! This romantic man lost his life in a road accident a few years ago. He is gone, his sorted city remains. Jochnapiasi people still remember him. Even if the dreamer is gone, the dreamer never loses! So even in the middle of the lunar new moon, there was a short lunar worship. What comes to sleep in the story-chat!






Tanguar Haor:
29.10.2018 AD I left in the morning. The destination is Tahirpur via Tangua-Tekerghat-Barik Tila. On the way I had breakfast at Kutumbari. We had no family in this city! The name of the hotel is Kutumbari. From there I took the road to Tahirpur. In the rainy season, motor boats are available for rent from Sahebbazar Ghat. Tekerghat can also be reached by renting a motorbike along the banks of the Jadukata river. I reached Tahirpur police station in a micro for about an hour and a half. We are 30 km from Sunamganj. I’m away. Tahirpur is the northern police station of Sunamganj. Khasia Thana of Meghalaya to the north of Tahirpur. With the help of Mr. OC of Tahirpur, there was already a boat reserve. Samiana hanging colorful barge! Feeling like a bridegroom in Haore. Chairs have been provided under the canopy. The journey started in Howrah, the busyness of the camera also increased. Haor of Sunamganj and Kishoreganj is bigger in size than many districts of the country. I am taking a boat from the ghat to Kinshi and Baulai rivers. Stunning nature all around and simple rural life on both sides. Clear water. Somewhere deep, somewhere shallow. The aquatic shrubs are floating in the water. Hijal in the middle of the water, rows of karch. Raising his head, he is telling the existence. The small boats are moving. The only means of transportation for the people of Haor in the rainy season. The kids are going to school, getting on the dinghy. Dad is leading them, to school. I saw a small teenager on a dinghy, accompanied by his mother. Like the hero’s thoughts, I’m taking my mother far away! Large boats with limestone and coal are coming to Haor. At the beginning of winter, the water level in the haor decreases and the submersible road is washed away. Golden crop fields on both sides, and sometimes the dusty path merges with the horizon! The winter tangua became the mouthpiece of the guest bird’s chirping. Guest birds flock to Tanguar Haor, the country’s second Ramsar site. At the beginning of winter, hundreds of species of guests including Lenza, Maulvi, Balihans, Sarali, Kalim, Manik-Jor come to Tangua after traveling thousands of miles from different countries of the world including Nepal, China, Mongolia, Siberia. The king of Tanguar builds an eagle’s nest on a high hijal-tamal or karch tree. Tangua is like an ocean in the rain! The small villages in the heart of the haor float like an island! During the rainy season, the whole tanguar turns into a transparent aquarium with 20-25 feet of water. The blue of the sky comes down to Howrah. Small villages floating in deep water. Afal (waves) rise in the Bauri wind. Hijal tamal floating in the rhythm of Afal! In the rainy season, Bhati’s wives go to their father’s house in Nairobi. Downstairs men do not have work. The able-bodied then floated the barge. Ghetu song goes on full moon night. Primitive entertainment of downstream men! The face of Baul emperor Shah Abdul Karim came to mind whenever he thought of Bhati’s men. He was born on 15 February 1918 in the village of Ujanaul in Dirai upazila of Sunamganj. His bauliana started by playing the flute on the banks of the river Kalni. This reclusive Baul devotee left us on September 12, 2009. I heard his song on the cellphone, if the friend can go to the canoe piraiti barailare! Camon inside the chest as if listening to his songs! The boatman called, দেখা Tangua Watch Tower can be seen. The barge stopped at the Watch Tower. We climbed the Watch Tower. It is not possible to describe the beauty of the surroundings. I spent some time in the tower. Then the barge left, destination Tekerghat.







We landed at Tekerghat at 12-30 pm. Workers at the wharf are loading coal sacks into boats. Natural coal. Limestone is also rising in some boats. At one time this ghat was crowded with limestone. ASI Tapan in charge of the outpost greeted us. He arranged a motorbike for our trip and left for lunch. According to a local boatman, Tekerghat was once a busy market. The railway line was started to extract limestone and coal. Today is just a memory! People don’t work. No busyness. There is no hotel with good food as there are no customers. Next to Barachara Bazaar, India. There is no access. Barachara Charagaon Coal Customs Station. From here coal and limestone are imported to different parts of the country. But now there is a lot of stagnation. Time goes by in the story, so I had to start the engine at the end of the photo session.







And the Magic River:
I set off on five bikes for Bariktila. I got two in each. The rider is our guide. Tekerghat Haor on the right, high hills of Meghalaya on the left. Narrow back path. Our rider Sumon is telling the story of happiness and sorrow of the area. He said, ‘People from India come to this village effortlessly. The BSF does not say anything. But they can’t go beyond. I asked, do not go at all? Sumon smiled and replied, Benny cut his hair in Indian style before crossing the border in his passport! BSF does not understand then! I realized that there is a difference in the haircut of the two countries. On the side of the road, a vast golden paddy field was visible, not far from the hills of India. Just like a distant country after the field! I stopped the bike and took pictures. The mountains are made of coal, sand or limestone. Rich in natural resources. Some coal and limestone are rolled in the rain water. The poor pick up. Nothing else is free, you have to import. Although Lakshmi settled in trade, the local people did not seem to find Lakshmi. I saw churches on the way. The flag of India is flying on the hill. BSF camp. Twenty minutes passed through the foothills of the green mountains of foreign lands. Napavali landscape of Windows 98 to see a lot. Suddenly the road became steep. The bike with three people is no longer running. Rider informed that he has come to Barik Tila. Steep road, highway to heaven! Walking through the jungle, the bike stopped on the edge of a high hill. Bariktila. Terribly beautiful! The side of the hill is steep, about 600 feet below the magical river. What I saw out of fear, incredible! Subhanallah!






We trekked many times to Sangu, to the vastness of the rocks, to the fennel roar of Nafakhum, to the blue lotus of Bagalek, to the sudden thunderstorms on the night of Keokradang, to the sky at the top of Tajingdong, to the sky at dawn, to the clouds in the morning Pavlakhali’s body is in the creepy forest or in the grass of Katkar. Everything was desired. But the magical river from Barikatila, suddenly! I am facing one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my small life. I remembered Sunil’s mountain peak. When you feel insignificant in front of the Creator! The magic is flowing down the steep hill. The magic that grows in the chest of a waterfall in Meghalaya has traveled about 23 km in Bangladesh and merged with Surma. One of the most beautiful rivers in Bangladesh! In the rainy season it becomes much wider. One can imagine the madness of the hilly river during the rainy season by looking at the wide beach for miles. This is what I saw in the Someshwari river of Susang Durgapur. The magical clear blue-green water is so clear that the bottom can be seen from the river bank. About 20,000 workers make a living from this river every day by picking pebbles, boulders and sand. BarikTiller Zero Point. Boundary Pillar No. 203. Then No Man’s Land. Agree to stand for a long time. Nearby, the BSF’s assault rifle flashed in the hot sun! Time 1-15 pm. While everyone was taking pictures in the pillar, I could not find my friend Abedin. There is no escape if you fall into magic from Barikatila! I found him later. Went to take pictures of the boat on different sides of the hill. I was shocked to see that! Looks like a scene from the Hollywood movie Troy. When King Agamemnon of Greece crossed the Aegean Sea with thousands of ships and came to the border of the city of Troy, Troy Prayam may have looked on in amazement! Thousands of ants seem to be moving on the huge shelf across the wide bend of the magician. Surprise! Man! All people! Is working. Digging sand and lifting stones. Limestone, large stone. I looked to the right. The sound of the machine floated. Anchored thousands of boats. Cutting rocks under water. So many people are working, so many boats, everyone is busy! Imaginary luxurious mind thinks Achilles-Hector is preparing for war! The team leader Asad Sir was chased and no more pictures were taken.







Quarry Lake (Niladri):
I am returning to Tekerghat by bike. Abandoned limestone mine on the way. Limestone has been taken 100/150 feet deep and formed into a lake. This is Quarry Lake. Digital name Niladri! Blue-blue. I couldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my eyes, the color of the water is so blue. The magical form of nature! The lower part of the hill on the other side of the lake is the last border of Bangladesh. There is a barbed wire fence on the big high hill. I heard the lake was 250 feet deep. Sand and rocks have lost their depth. Still about 150 feet deep. I got 10 minutes for bath. I went down to the calm Salila lake. There is a railway line lying next to it. Workers’ house. The once busy office is now almost abandoned. There is a lot of happiness and sorrow among the workers in the name of quarry. The Egyptian pyramids were made of limestone. There are also stone quarries. Blood and sweat of thousands of workers have been shed here and there. Although the name of the hall is Niladri, the locals feel comfortable in the name of quarry. Lake
After taking a bath, I went to Mother Care Kindergarten. Lunch is arranged there. Time 2-15 pm. Bathing in cold water ignited a fire in the stomach! Pulses, mashed potatoes, roasted small shrimp, boiled! Excellent cooking. The taste is on the tongue! In the afternoon I returned to Tahirpur on the same road to Haor. However, the bike rider said that you can go directly to Sunamganj / Tahirpur by motorbike after crossing the river in a ferry from Bariktila. When I reached Tahirpur police station, the sun was setting. Horizon open horizon sunset is amazing! I enjoyed it for a long time. Night fell. The next destination is Swamp Forest-Ratargul.


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