Travel expenses to Durgapur in Birishiri Netrokona district.

Birishiri is a traditional village in Durgapur Upazila of Netrokona district. The attractions of Birishiri are the porcelain hills and the blue waters of the clear lake. If you travel all day and sit on the green grass, your fatigue will go away in an instant. The source of water of this transparent lake is the Someshwari river coming down from Garo hills!

How to go:
There are two buses named Jinnah and Sarkar from Mohakhali in Dhaka. The fare from Dhaka to Birishiri will be 250-350  Tk. It will take 5 800-56 30 hours. You will get bus from Mohakhali till 11:30 pm. Birishiri will arrive in the morning.

Where to stay:
There are several rest houses in Durgapur to stay. It is reasonable to stay at Someshwari International, District Council Dak Bungalow. The service and security of these two are quite good.

There are no good quality hotels to eat in Durgapur or Birishiri. You have to eat in the local medium quality hotels. However, the food at Hotel Nirala is relatively good.

How to turnঃ
In the morning get off at the bus stand and go straight to the rest house or post bungalow. Take a break and go out. He took a rickshaw to Birishiri Cultural Academy. You can walk there for a while and sit on the bank of Someshwari river in a short distance. A lot of rivers can be seen from here. Then go to Teri Bazar by rickshaw. Shibganj crossed the river by boat. Vijaypur BGB camp by rickshaw from Shibganj. Go to the bank of Someshwari river in front of the camp. Small boats are found on the shore. Take a boat tour of Zero Point, the Queen’s Cave. Stay afloat on the clear blue water to see the Garo Hills. This is an unearthly scene. The mind is full. Someshwari river is a source of resources. Numerous small and big fish, coal floating from Garo hills, rocky sand can be seen under the clear blue water.

When the river is over, you can go to the orange hills. Next to the BGB camp!

Then the white soil will leave from there. What we see in the picture of Birishiri is basically the view of Shadamati or Chinamati hills. Impossibly beautiful place. Bluewater lake with a depth of 120-150 feet. There are several ways to climb the hill. Start climbing the hill from the westernmost hill. Then keep turning one by one.
From here you can also visit Garo Bazaar. The distance is one and a half kilometers.

1. Durgapur-Cultural Academy-20 / –
2. Academy – Teri Bazar – 30 / –
3. Teribazar – Shibganj – 10 / –
4. Shibganj – BGB Camp – 80 / –
5. BGB Camp-Zeropoint-Ranirguha-200-250 / – (Boat)
6. BGB Camp – Shadamati – 80 / –
6. Shadamati – Garobazar-50 / – (Bike)
6. Garobazar-Shibganj – 80-100 / –
9. Shibganj – Teri Bazar – 10 / –

You can also visit:
Shrine of the Seven Martyrs of Kalmakanda, Chandradinga Hills, St. Joseph’s Church, Ranikhong Church.

Caution: It is dangerous to enter the water of the lake. Because its depth is 120-150 feet.
Don’t ruin the environment by throwing cigarette filters, packets of chips, coconut shells, water bottles at the place of travel. Above all, refrain from activities that harm mountain plants and animals.


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