Travel to Bandarban, a city of great beauty.

Aslam Bandarban is a city of great beauty. For two days and one night, we went to the Golden Temple, Nilachal, Meghla. Bandarban cannot be an alternative to see free nature up close. So we left everything and ran to Bandarban. On the first day, we started our journey from Dhaka Kamalapur railway station. The metropolitan twilight left Dhaka at 9 am and reached Chittagong at 5 am. After breakfast, we reached Chittagong and reached Bandarban from Bahaddarhat by 8/9. We went to Bandarban, checked into the hotel, and rested for 1/2 hour. On the first day, I planned to go to the Golden Temple and Nilachal. I reserved Sinji for 600 rupees. When we reach the Golden Temple at 12/1 o’clock in the afternoon. Kankane sunshine on the head. It was difficult to look at the heat of the sun. Don’t forget to take sunglasses for those of you who are going for recently. Then I entered with an entry fee of 50 rupees. You will be mesmerized by the appearance of the various deities of Buddhism – the towering minarets – the surrounding environment. No one is allowed to enter the temple except the priest. It is a religious shrine so one has to enter barefoot. Speaking to the people of the preservation of the temple, it is known that this temple was built at a cost of about two crore rupees at a height of 1300 feet above the ground.




Here all the people of local and foreign Buddhism come for the festival of worship. The fair is held here once a year. Then from 40-50 minutes at the Golden Temple, we set off for Nilachal. There is still a lot of sunshine over the head. Still, the environment seems to be much better. It took 15/20 minutes to travel 4 km by CNG from Bandarban city. On arrival, you will be amazed by the Akabaka road to Nilachal and the lifestyle of the hill tribes. At Nilachal again we entered Nilachal with an entry fee of 50 TK. The combination of mountains, hills, and sky threes together is truly captivating. In the magical environment, you will find the greenery, the blue sky standing on the other side of the distant hill, and when you see the rain you will see the clouds. It was sunny in Conakry when we went. I was praying for rain in the court of Allah. I went another time before but it rained. I was moving from side to side thinking that if it rains again, my hope will be fulfilled. Exactly 1 hour later, after all the speculations, the rain came. Immediately the surrounding environment began to change. Cool breeze with anagona of Seki clouds. All the fatigue, frustration, boredom, instantaneous mind is gone. A strange fascination came and overwhelmed me which is not believable if you don’t enjoy it from yourself. Then I spent an hour sitting on top of Nilachal Rest House. Meanwhile, I didn’t know when it was at 4 o’clock. Then I said goodbye to Nilachal with mountain banana-guava-tea-breakfast. I came to Bandarban city and completed the first-day tour by checking into the hotel. Then on the second day, I had breakfast in the morning and went for a walk around Meghla. Meghla can be reached by local bus from Bandarban city at 10 am. To go to Meghla, you have to enter with an entry fee of 50 rupees. You can do small trails on the hills including hanging bridges, cable cars, zoos, boats around the lake. It’s a nice place to hang out with your family. In Meghla, you will get honey/medicine of various hill plants at low prices. Besides, there is no shortage of banana and guava shops in Bandarban.
After returning to Bandarban, he checked in at the hotel as before, said goodbye to Bandarban and had to face the WiFi and jam city Dhaka again.



Total cost – (excluding meals)
Dhaka to Chittagong Train Ticket – 345 / –
Chittagong to Bandarban bus fare-110 / – (Pallabi bus)
Hotel Rent – 600 / – (Hotel Green Hill)
Bandar Ban to Golden Temple + Nilachal CNG Scaffolding-600 / –
Meghla-Nilachal-Swarnamandir Entry Fee 150 / –
Bandarban to Meghla 10 TK.
Bandarban to Chittagong 110 (Eastern bus)
Chittagong to Dhaka train fare-345 (buy advance ticket one day in advance)
Total = 2280 / –



Keep the surroundings beautiful wherever you go. Don’t throw dirt wherever there is. Do not eat anything given by others on the way to make your journey beautiful. Thanks.


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