Travel to Banshkhali in Chittagong district in a short time at low cost.

Who doesn’t want to go out of this brick city and take peace of mind? Some want mountains, some want beaches. And if you can enjoy both the mountains and the sea, then there is no point.



I was talking about Banshkhali police station in Chittagong district. At the entrance of which there is Pukuria tea garden, the main road is close to the hill which is fascinating to nature lovers.



Just looking at the tea garden fills the mind? Banshkhali beach is the 3rd beach in Bangladesh after crossing some of its paths.



For those who can’t afford to go to Cox’s Bazar, Rangamati, Bandarban with work, family, friends, or students who are thirsty for a day trip, Banshkhali is a great and enjoyable place to travel at low cost.



Expenditure Account: Chittagong City, from Shah Amanat Bridge,
Banshkhali beach fares per person,
Bus – 200



Just two hours’ drive from Chittagong city, visit Banshkhali beach with your family.



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