Travel to Bikrampur and Arial Bill by different routes.

Bikrampur or Munshiganj is a traditional area very close to Dhaka. Although there is a lot of craze among the people about Arial Bill, many people are unaware of the traces of many ancient settlements scattered all over Bikrampur and Munshiganj district. Much of this traditional district, which lacks preservation, reform, and publicity, escapes the attention of travel thirsty people. The birthplace of Atish Dipankar, a thousand-year-old mystic, is similar to the Mughal-era Lalbagh fort, but smaller in size is the Idrakpur fort. There is a huge Rampal Dighi, Dhaleshwari river, Ichhamati river, meeting place in Padma-Meghna, innumerable canals, and Arial Beel is now well known to the tourists. The shady streets of Munshiganj city and its environs can fascinate you if you take a rickshaw/auto ride.




Bikrampur is also famous for the birth of famous and famous people. Like the birthplace of Brazen Das, the only English Channel winner in Bangladesh, Bikrampur and the ancestral home of the famous scientist Jagadish Chandra are also located in Munshiganj district. Apart from Humayun Azad, an unconventional writer, popular fiction writer Imdadul Haque Milon was also born in Munshiganj district. Many people may have read Manik Bandopadhyay’s novel but do not know that Manik was born in the ancient city of Bikrampur. Popular artist Habib Wahid is the son of Munshiganj, their father Ferdous Wahid is a freedom fighter of Munshiganj district. My favorite unpopular music artist Tahsan and hero is at least Jalil’s house but Munshiganj. And yes, Mr. Abdul Hai, the famous MP of Munshiganj-4 constituency, has been elected several times. The country’s second-largest Lalon song festival is held every winter in the village of Padmahem Dham in Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj. Padmahem Dham is an ideal place to spend the night camping.




How to go:


Munshiganj district can be reached from Dhaka in different ways. If you are an adventure lover, you can take a tour bus, AC bus, launch, trawler, and even a train journey. Here is a description of how to go to Arial Bill in a different way.

How to go with joyঃ



First, go to gate number two of the stadium next to the gate of Baitul Mokarak Mosque in Gulistan. From here two AC buses run from Narayanganj every day from 8 am to 11 pm. Go to Narayanganj city by AC bus, the fare will be 55 TK. There are two buses Shital and BATC, besides non AC bond and festival fare is 36 TK. Leaving Mirpur for Himachal. It will take 40-50 minutes from Gulistan to Narayanganj. After that Narayanganj terminal ghat rent by rickshaw 20/25 TK. Or you can take a city train from Kamalapur railway station to Narayanganj. The train will drop you off in front of the launch dock at once. The rent is only 20 TK. Time is 50/55 minutes. If you google the train schedule, you will get it. Then from Narayanganj to Munshiganj launch Shitalakshya, Meghna, Dhaleshwari went to Munshiganj launch ghat to see the form of these three rivers. There are launches after 15/20 minutes all day long. It will take 35/40 minutes. If you leave at 8 in the morning, you will reach Munshiganj at 8 in ten Rent an auto for 3/4 hours after breakfast with parota, beef / vegetables at Mohiuddin Hotel at Launch Ghat.




Tell Autowala that Idrakpur Fort, Rampal Dighi, Atish Dipankar’s house, Baba Adam’s Mosque, Ghaebi Bridge, Sonarang Jora Math will show you all and take you down to Srinagar market. Auto rent will be a maximum of 800/1000 TK, 6 people can sit comfortably in one auto. It will take 3/4 hours because all the places are very close. Google Maps will help a lot here. Go down to Srinagar market, have lunch with fresh fish, and rent a trawler on an hourly basis. Ideal for a 3/4 hour Arial Bill trip, try to go for a boat ride without engine and spend the twilight time on the main bill, come back to Srinagar market in the evening. Boat rent will be 1500-2000 TK. 18-25 people can sit. Then rent a rickshaw from Srinagar Bazar for 10 taka and come to Dhaka-Mawa highway. Get on any Dhaka-bound bus and go to Gulistan to see the four-lane road of Padma Bridge. It will take 1-18 30 hours and the fare is 55-60 TK. So if you leave at 8 am on Friday, you can spend the best 12/14 hours of your weekend and stay in Dhaka again at 8/9 pm.



Minimum cost:


Dhaka-Narayanganj train – 20 TK
Narayanganj – Munshiganj launch – 25 TK
Breakfast – 50 TK
Auto rent – 200 TK
Lunch – 150 TK
Trawler – 200 TK
Srinagar to Gulistan – 100 TK

The total is about 750 TK

Many students from Munshiganj study in Dhaka and can present their district to their friends on this route if they want. Every district city of Bangladesh is very tidy, make sure that you don’t damage its environment.


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