Travel to Feni district in search of tradition.

Today I am going to Fulgazi and Parshuram upazilas. I took the reserve CNG from in front of F Rahman AC Market in the city. From there I went to the historic Dol Mandir in Fulgazi. This temple, which is almost 150 years old and surrounded by various mysteries, has been abandoned for so long but is being renovated. After visiting the temple, I went to MR To see the rubber garden. To see this garden of tens of thousands of rubber trees is as eye-catching as you come here and you can also see the collection of rubber and the preparation of rubber pulp. It took 5 minutes to go from Dighi to Berabaria Rubber Dam. This beautiful dam was built to irrigate the land during the dry season. From here you can go if you want to visit the shrines of Hazrat Jangli Shah (R) and Abdullah Shah (R), the first preachers of Islam in North Guthuma. If you don’t want to go to Bilonia. Monuments of the Liberation War built in memory of the Battle of Bologna, the ancient abandoned Bologna railway station and the land port of Bologna. It ends here like today …! I will appear soon with the last episode. I forgot to say one thing, Parashuram must not forget to eat Khandal Misty.


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