Travel to Gangtok and Darjeeling.

I went to Gangtok after reading the travel stories of many people. Suddenly, a new place was opened for Bangladeshis.

We gave Runa from Calcutta.

1. If you fly from Kolkata, you have to go to Siliguri first by plane or train or bus, after which you can get a jeep from Gangtok.

2. Tickets for the Siliguri flight from Kolkata cost Rs 2,500-3,200, but on the way back, the ticket price dropped to around Rs 5,000.






3. If possible, you can buy a train ticket earlier, on the day of return. Because you can go by plane with the train fare of the day you go. However, match the flight time with your tour plan because if you fly in the afternoon, you may need to stay in Siliguri for 1 night. Hotel costs are not high here

4. No one will take Gangtok’s package from Siliguri by mistake. Traveling increases experience and this time I am bringing a basket of experience, a completely bad experience.






You can’t go around without a package, talk to a lot of agencies from Gangtok, understand everything and read the package.

5. If you want permission for Bangladeshis to go to Gangtok, you can take it from Siliguri SNT or Rangpo check post. It is better to take it from Rangpo, the work is finished in 5-15 minutes

. If you go to Gangtok in a group and back up one by one, you must keep a copy of that permission with everyone.

. If anyone thinks that you will come to Darjeeling from Gangtok, then you can come – rent a jeep for 250 rupees, from a 10 seater car, it takes a lot of sitting. Siliguri will also be rented at 250 rupees per share







. If you want to go to Darjeeling, go to Darjeeling first because after visiting Gangtok Sikkim, we didn’t like Darjeeling very much.

9. There are many travel agencies on MG Marg in Gangtok from which you can take packages. Take 10-15 photocopies + passport + photocopy of visa

10. A little hard to find halal bad, try to find out. When you go from Gangtok to Lachung, you should understand in the package that you will get a room heater in the hotel because the temperature is minus here.

11. In all the spots of Lachung, winter clothes can be rented at the hotel again – it seems to be 150 rupees per piece.

12. Don’t take plastic water bottles with you to Lachung

13. Try to make sure that the driver of the car is good, otherwise the tour will not take anyone else to land

Lastly, respect the people wherever you are, and don’t do anything that will ruin the environment.


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