Travel to Kashnir, Pahelgam, Gulmarg, Srinagar.

# Kashni
Subhanallah. Kashmir is a wonderful sign of God. So beautiful that it is impossible to describe in writing. Honestly, it is not possible to show the beauty of Kashmir by writing or painting. All I can say is that you will not want to take pictures, it will seem that you have not seen these signs of Allah with your own eyes.




# Tour Description:
A total of 5 of us went to Kashmir. Our tour was from the 17th to the 21st. These 5 days we had to reserve a car with us, which we booked from Bangladesh for 15000 rupees. I heard that the people of Kashmir like Bangladeshis very much, which I got proof from Gulzar Bhai, the driver of our car.






We first went to Pahelgam. To me, this is the most beautiful place in Kashmir. I will tell everyone to stay here for at least one day. Spots to visit here are: Aru Valley, Betab Valley, Chandanwari, Baisaran.
Baisaran: You have to go here on horseback. We bought 5 horses for 3000 rupees. The road to get here is so beautiful that you will feel like it never ends, and when you see Pahelgam Valley from above on the way, oops, it’s a wonderful sight. The entrance fee to Baisaran is 30 rupees. And if it is snowing time, you must rent boots for 100 rupees.






Aru Valley and Chandanwari: We could not go because the road was closed due to snow. And I didn’t go inside the Betab Valley because of the knee-deep snow.
In Pahelgam we were at Hotel Bombay Palace. I bought two rooms for five nights at Rs 5,000. A little more because 90% of the hotels here were closed due to snow.





# Gulmarg
Here you have to rent a separate jeep. We took it for 1500 rupees. You can also go by shared car for 40 rupees. The main attraction here is the cable car. And the annoying thing is the guide here. They will bother you so much that you will think why Aslam? It is best not to talk to them, although they will point out some places and tell you not to go without them, which is a complete lie. And cable car fares are of two types. I don’t remember the price of the first face 640 rupees and the second face.
I couldn’t go here because the whole road was closed due to snow.






It is the main city of Kashmir. And its main attraction is Dal Lake. You can travel from dal to hunting for 600-700 rupees. But those who have less patience will be more upset than happy. One by one you will see next to your boat that it is annoying to buy that. There are also some gardens here and you can see Hazrat Baal Mosque.
We stayed at the Walisons Hotel next to Dal Lake for 1800 rupees.
#Transport: Kolkata-Srinagar (one way) Rs. 5300 (Indigo).
Innova car costs Rs 15,000 for 5 days tour of whole Kashmir.





B: Dr
1. This is the best time for those who just go to see the snow, although you can not go to many spots because of the snow.
2. The biggest problem of hotels in Kashmir during cold weather is water problem. Everything becomes ice, so the bathroom will be a problem.
3. If you want to visit all the spots in Kashmir, you have to go between March and April.


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