Travel to Khayachara, Napittachara, Mahamaya Lake for only 1000 rupees

This tour was given at the end of 2016. The bus fare here and then is the same. So that’s what I gave.
There were 6 members in our group. I left for Napittachara by local bus at 11 pm. At 8 o’clock in the morning, I went down to the nine-door market and hired a guide to freshen up. Breakfast on the street is not good. Arriving at the fountain, we went around all the places and came out at 12 o’clock and came to the nine-door market. From there he rented Laguna and went to Bartakia Bazar. From there I came to Khayachara by CNG. CNG dropped 1.5 km before the waterfall. We got down there, left my bag at the temporary hotel, and went to the fountain. Everyone there dapadapi in the spring water. Again 2/1 people climbed a few steps above the fountain. Then at 3 pm we came out of the fountain and did not change our clothes at the ghat of the mosque on the side of the road. Then I came to the hotel, finished my meal, and left for Bartakia Bazaar. After coming to the market, I rented a Laguna and left on the way to Mahamaya Lake. I took CNG from the main road to Mahamaya Lake. After entering the lake, we take rest till evening. After the evening I came out of the gate and there is no evening breakfast with luchi and bhaji. After breakfast, I took CNG and went to Main Road. Maine. On the road, I rode to Laguna again and went to Mireshwarai Bazaar. The first bus ticket did not come to the market. Then go into a hotel and have dinner. I took a bus to Saidabad at 12 o’clock at night.



Total cost =
Dhaka – Narduar Bazar 300 /
Guide 45 / per person
Breakfast 15 /
Laguna Rent from Nayaduar Bazar 10 /
CNG Rent 20 /
Lunch 60 /
CNG Rent 20 /
Laguna Rent 10 /
CNG fare 15 + 15 = 30
Lake entry fee 10 /
Evening Breakfast 15 /
From Main Road to Mireshblerai Bazar Laguna Rent 10 /
Dinner 120 /
Bus fare (Shyamoli) 350 /
Total: 1000+


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