Travel to Madhumati river in Panchuria village of Magura.

The river Madhumati flows through the village of Panchuria in Mohammadpur Upazila of Magura district. The moon of the river lived in this village, before which his father Gadadhar died while fishing in the Padma. So even after growing up, the mother of the river moon did not want her son to catch fish like her father. Meanwhile, fishing was the next thing, the family of the river moon had no mind towards religion. One night when it was late, he left without telling anyone. When he returned, ten years had passed. The boy still doesn’t tell his mother where he has been for so long!



The mother married the boy to keep him at home.



The name of the bride of the river moon was Sarala. Finally one day he told his wife Sarla everything. He said that he was in Kamarupa, Assam for ten years, and at that time he learned magic from a woman. Magic says he can be a crocodile. Sarala wanted to make the river moon look like a crocodile. In order to fulfill his wife’s wish, he took water from two pots in the middle of the night and recited a mantra in it.



Like the moon of the river, Sarala first sprinkled a pot of water on her body and became a river crocodile. When he saw a real crocodile in front of his eyes, he ran away in fear and the water from the other pot fell to the ground. The river moon blocked the way to become human again.



Three days later, the moon of the crocodile river went down to the Madhumati river. In a few days the guru of the river moon, from whom he had learned river magic, was brought in in the hope that the river could be transformed into a human again. When the Guru sat on the bank of the river and called the river, the river came. But hilsa fish can be seen in his face. Guru said that it is impossible to transform the river into human beings because of eating.

From then on, the mother of the river moon used to sit on the bank of the river. He would leave whenever he called the river. Mother used to give food. He would go back after eating.

That’s how it went. A few days later, while a group of merchants was sailing, they saw a huge crocodile in the char and killed it. The crocodile that was killed was the moon of the river.




The goal of my life is to travel. I went to Magura for the purpose of this trip. I stayed at the house of my younger brother and poet Sarok Sikder. The Madhumati river is right next to his house. The river can be seen as soon as the windows of the house are opened. Impossibly transparent and deep fell in love with this river. It always seems to be a mixture of blue and silver. After walking along the river for some distance, Sarok saw a ghat built of bamboo.



This Mohammadpur in Magura is a place of impossible mysteries. How many myths are spread all over it! Undoubtedly, it will be very good to look around.



Note: There is nothing new to say about the mystery of Kamarupa. It is said that Kamarupa Kamakhya is thousand-year-old sorcery, the land of Tantra-Mantra. This place is ruled by women and witchcraft is practiced in its Kamakhya temple. Once upon a time, if anyone went to this place, he would never come back. Ghosts, ghosts, witches, and yogis wander in its forest.


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