Travel to Manot from Kalakopa.

Kamala people have less time in hand. If you are a person who is so poor about holidays that you do not get lucky for more than one day in a week, then if you find a place to go for a lot of things in one day, then there are two Upazilas of Dhaka, Dohar, and Nawabganj. If you can start the journey in the morning and end it in the evening, then it is quite certain that many will be released from the obligation to apologize anyway. However, you can start any day morning, from Golap Shah’s shrine in Gulistan, Dhaka. From there Nawabganj bound N. Mallick, Jamuna and fast transport buses depart. You can start the day by pressing that bus.



You can reach Nawabganj in 2 hours with only 60-65 rupees per person. You can start wandering from Kalakopa. The helper-super visor of the bus will drop you off in front of Kalakopa Kokil Paris High School. After crossing the road and starting to walk on the right side of the school opposite, you will find a headless statue in the middle of it like a small temple. No, brother, there is no need to be overwhelmed with emotions and there is nothing to be afraid of. The head of the statue was not allowed to be cut off to build the Padma Bridge, nor is it an idol of any Hindu or Buddhist deity, if the head of the statue was blown up by the Pakistani aggressors during the war of liberation. This statue is basically the statue of the father of the Kokil Paris landlord. However, if you walk past the idol, you will see an old palace surrounded by many trees. Gee, this is Kokil Paris zamindar’s house. Although the house is in a dilapidated condition. You can see the whole house.



Even though the house is risky, it is still used as the residence of teachers at Kokil Paris School. As soon as you walk out of the palace and walk along the path, you will find Ansar Camp on the banks of the river Ichhamati. The house where the 29th Ansar Battalion lived was known as Telibari. It is said that Babu Loknath, once the owner of the house, became rich by selling oil. That is the name of the house. Telibari is spread over three or four houses here. The houses that used to have the right to be recognized as heritage are now being occupied. Nawabganj was once the arena of the Nawabs. If you walk along the road and see all the ancient zamindar houses and their ruins, you will understand.



If you go to the banks of the Ichhamati river and start walking on the right side of the river, you will get a magnificent palace with a state-of-the-art ride after a 5-6 minute walk. Congratulations to you for coming to Adnan Palace. The old Radhanath Saha’s house is still standing as Adnan Palace. Trying to park a beautifully arranged theme surrounds this Adnan Palace. If you want, you can worship at Adnan Palace and wear a light belly. But don’t go back the way you came, step on the other way now because the temple of Khelaraam Data is in front. Adnan Palace is just 600-700 yards away from this beautiful temple of Khelaraam Data. According to legend, Khelaraam Datta was the famous robber chief of the region at that time. He used to conduct robberies in Ichhamati river.



According to legend, he used to take the robbery money from the Ichhamati river to his house through a tunnel and later donate it to the poor. He also built a temple for worship. That temple is known as Vigraha Mandir of Kholaram Data, this tunnel is still in this temple. Which is thought to extend from the temple to the Ichhamati river, although it has now been closed for security reasons. After seeing the temple, you will come to the main road and you will find another famous zamindar house called Judge’s house. If you don’t go to Nawabganj and see Judge’s House and Advocate’s House (formerly known as Braj Kutir), your trip will be incomplete.



It was built about a hundred years ago as the residence of zamindars. When a judge acquired Braj Niketan in 1984, the building became known as Judge’s House. Right in front of the judge’s house, in the corner of the huge playground, is another popular zamindar house after the arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in 1940, which was renamed as Ukil Bari after the acquisition of a new name by a lawyer. At the end of all these tours, you can board the Jamuna or fast transport bus. You can go to Manot Ghat on the banks of the river Padma. Which is known as Mini Cox’s Bazar? Not too much should be expected here but it is one of the great places to have lunch with Padma Hilsa.



If you want, you can go by boat or spread the boat, you can go around the Padma from there. On the way back in the afternoon, you will get direct bus Jamuna and fast transport from Dhaka to Gulistan. And if you have a little time left in your hand, you can come to Kartikpur Bazaar from there without renting a car and paying 10 rupees. Misty of Muslim Suites is very famous in this market. Their watery vein called simple misty is also extraordinarily delicious. After that, you can catch the way back. By bus or CNG. After a journey of 2-2.5 hours, you will come back to this brick and wood forest. Oh well, go abroad, go on trekking, go where the mind wants but do nothing that harms nature. Please.


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