Travel to Meghalaya in search of unknown fountain.

We got off to a good start today. We started the day with the familiar Krang Suri. Come here for the second time. The last time I saw Krangsuri was in the midst of a severe rainy season. However, this time the look is completely different from the previous look. This time I saw the look of Krangsuri in different pictures of Google. The blue form of Kransuri running at a dreamy speed !!!!



After visiting the bluish calm of Krangsuri, we set off for our second destination, Rinji Jharna. The last 5 km road to Rinji Jharna was broken so we had to get off the taxi (4 seats). Since there are fewer localities in the vicinity, you have to take shelter of GPS. But following the path of GPS we go the wrong way (maybe). But it was good for us to follow the wrong path. Because on the way we met two unnamed fountains, which were really beautiful. Walking on an unknown path, at the end of the afternoon, the destination is still 4.5 km left as per GPS, which was 5 km at the beginning. Even after walking for so long, the distance of GPS made everyone doubt. So that means we took the way back because the biggest trial on today’s list is still left. We drove to the Thalu Amui waterfall on the Dauki-Joai road. After seeing the Thalu Amui waterfall, we got down to our main trail today with chips and biscuits for lunch.



This trail to Faye Faye Falls is impossibly beautiful. In the beginning, we passed by a coal mine, but most of the trail passed by Jhiripath, which came from Thalu Amui. After trekking for about half an hour, we reached the first step of Aslam Jharna. From the first step, the two fountains of water in the fountain are flowing separately, merging some distance away and falling as the mainstream of the second step. Since we could not see the road directly from the first step to the second (main) step, we had to go up again and go back a little way to the front hill. We started walking on the down trail after going a little further on the hilly road to see the real form of Phe Fe Fountain. This down trail is not so difficult in winter but it is supposed to be terrible in the rainy season. From the middle of the trail, one can see the unearthly beauty of the Phe Phe waterfall, which jumps into the terrifying deep blue reservoir. Coming close to the fountain, I felt like a very small, helpless being.



I was saying in my mind what a wonderful creation !!! After approaching the Fe Fe Fountain, the fatigue of the state filled the whole body. Lying comfortably on the rock, I heard the sound of the fountain for a while. The sun tilted in the western sky as we made our way back. By the time we got in the car and were about to do the next thing, we were surrounded by darkness. According to the plan, we were supposed to return to Bangladesh today, but with everyone’s consent, we are going back to our favorite village, Sonangpedang, for another night. The mountains of Meghalaya can be seen vaguely hanging like shadows in the sky through the darkness of the night. It was nice to see such a scene from being drowned in the lyrics of an unknown language song driven by a car. But I felt a little bad thinking that I will have to leave this beauty and go back to my busy life tomorrow. However, this return is also in the belief of coming back again and again.



*** A: According to the calculation of the two days of our tour, the cost is 2500 TK. You can get an idea of ​​how much to spend in any sector or how to arrange the whole tour conveniently from the documentary made in the light of our experience (link is given in the comment). But keep this in mind, if you have the desire and 1500 TK in hand, it is possible to fulfill the hobby of visiting Meghalaya, how can it be described at any other time.


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