Travel to Monpura to lose your mind in Monpura.

After watching Monpura Cinema, it is quite a hobby to go to Monpura. So I packed my bags and sailed during the mild winter in Monpura Journey.
Needless to say the sky was so blue and white. The sky is so beautiful! And nature, the weather is nice. Not much to look forward to. However, for those who want to spend a few days in the quiet of the city in a little secluded nature, this Monpura. Jornita is also quite fun, comfortable. The launch will take place at Sadarghat in Dhaka. All launches will take place between 5 pm and 5:30 pm. There are two launches on this route, Tasreef and Farhan. You will see Haitiya, Monpura written on the launch.





The launch will land in the Meghna River at midnight after the start of the journey. Then you will see and you will not find the shore of the river. The lights of small boats all around and the market in the distance, some of the lights in the house will shine brightly. Enjoy more if you are in front of the launch or on the roof. And if it is a moonlit night! He has something else to say. Don’t forget to listen to Monpura Cinema’s song “Yao Paakhi Bolo Taore” when you spend the night here. You will get all the food at the launch, but the price is very high. But the food at the launch is very tasty. Especially the fish items that you will get. The rest is up to you. The launch will reach Monpura between 6 am and 7 am. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ….. Otherwise you will go to Hatia. You must enjoy the morning. You will find a big difference between the sunrise in the city and the sunrise in Monpura.





Then you will go to Hajirhat on a bike with a son-in-law. Or tell the biker to go to the hotel and they will take you. Wherever you go, half of Monpura will be seen. Here you will find a hotel in Maine for between 600 and 700 rupees. Then freshen up and ride a bike again for a day. It will cost 1000 \ 1200 rupees to cover all the places. I will do it. They want to take you to many places. In fact, there is nothing to go so far. Landing point and Alam Bazaar horse place. You can see the wonderful sunset at the landing point. And in Alam Bazaar, deer can be seen behind some strange bushes. But that is a matter of fate. If you want to see a deer, you have to go through a lot of weeping, eating the thorns of the old thorny tree and stepping into the forest. We wandered in the forest for about two hours and came back to see the country behind a herd of deer. You will find fresh fish in the food hotels of Monpura. Fish is good for lovers. On the way back, you will be at the dock between three in the afternoon. Get up at the launch and visit Monpura again. You will come to your magic city Dhaka around 5 in the morning.
Cost: (as our team)
Cabin at launch: single 800, double 1600, deck 300
Monpura Ghat Theke Hotel: TK 100 per bike (a total of three people including the driver can get up)
‌Hotel rent: 600 ~ 600
Bike rental for horseback riding: 1000
Food: Like your mind (However, the price of food is relatively low. You will get that amount of food at TK. 150 per person.)

(Do not throw dust in the dustbin of Monpura if you throw dirt. Do not throw dirt in the river either. Do not throw it in the designated place.)


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