Travel to Sylhet to refresh your mind.

I was talking about two or three years ago. When my friends would go somewhere far away, they would tell me not to go. Because at that time I thought that it is better to go on a tour and waste your savings than to waste your savings. It is better to sit at home and watch TV and spend time on mobile. I was actually living with a completely wrong idea.
After getting out of my misconception for the first time in my life, at the beginning of 2017, a total of 6 friends including me went on a Sylhet tour. He didn’t do much research on the trip, which is why I miss so many spots. And the original beauty of the spots of Sylhet comes back in the rainy season. Another thing, before going to Sylhet, you have to plan very well where to go.



# First_day:
On the first day, we got off the train and came to Amberkhana with CNG. There he rented a room in a hotel on Mazar Road. Fresh out to walk around. I decided to use CNG to go to Ratargul and Bichanakandi. These spots were awesome. Ratargul can walk inside the water forest in the dry season. But you have to dive into the forest by boat. Along the narrow forest road, you can see the Guayana River. Impossibly get beautiful views.
If you want, you can cross the border and go to the border market. This market is held every Tuesday at Bichanakandi border. No tickets required. In the evening, after returning to the hotel to eat fresh, I went out to visit Shahjalal Mazar.
*** Usually all travelers come to visit Bichnakandi, Panthumai Jharna, and Lakshanchhara together on this route. We miss Panthumai Jharna and Lakshanchhara because we don’t have experience. If you only want to see Bichanakandi, you can visit three places together with the same amount of money that will be spent. So it would be best to plan to visit these three places together.



# Second_day:
On the 2nd day, we fix CNG for Shahparan Mazar, Lalakhal, Tamabil Border, and Jaflong Gura. The places did not disappoint. Impossibly beautiful. And while going, you can stand in a small tea garden and enjoy taking pictures. Going to Jaflong, one can see the town of Dauki in the state of Meghalaya from the hills.
*** Go to Jaflong and don’t go to the fountain, that’s how it is. Jaflong has Sangrampunji Jharna. I also miss this fountain due to lack of experience. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach the fountain from Jaflong Zero Point. This fountain has a total of three steps. Usually, when they go to the upper step and catch the eye of the BSF, they chase.



# Third_day:
The plan for the 3rd day was to visit Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. Some of my friends are studying at Sust. They showed us around the campus. When you enter through the main gate, it will feel as if the trees lined up on both sides are welcoming you. Then on foot, our friend took us to the Shaheed Minar of the varsity. If you want, you can spend some time sitting in the Shaheed Minar. The view around was unsettled. Then I went to Australia and New Zealand. In fact, you didn’t hear wrong, the varsity has two big hills; Australia Mountains and New Zealand Mountains. Australia had an amazing view of the surroundings from the top of the hill. There is a small temple on the hill in Australia. If you want, you can spend some time sitting at the top of the hill. One and a half to two hours is enough to enjoy the whole varsity. I really enjoyed that day. We did not go to any other place that day. You can add someplace if you want.





You will find good quality hotels to stay at Mazar Rore.
Those who come from Dhaka / Chittagong can also come by bus/train. But in my opinion, it would be best to come by train. You can enjoy the journey well. We went by train from Feni. Train tickets have to be booked at least 1-2 days in advance. If you want to get a good ticket, you should buy a ticket 2-3 days in advance. The rent of Feni to Sylhet Shovon’s share is 265 TK per person.
On the 1st day (Ratargul and Bichanakandi) CNG fare is 1600 TK
* Boat fare for touring Ratargul wetland will be 900 TK.
* If you want you can go directly to Bichanakandi with CNG. However, you can also go by engine-driven boat. If you go down to Hadarpar market and walk a little, you will get a boat at the wharf. The total boat fare will be 1000 to 1200 TK.
On the 2nd day (Shahparan Mazar, Lalakhal, small tea garden, Tamabil Border Gate, Jaflong) CNG fare is 1500 rupees.
On the 3rd day, from Amberkhana junction, local CNG was rented at Tk 15 per person and left at the gate of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. When I arrived, I took a friend’s varsity bus to Amberkhana.
From there I came to the railway station by CNG in the evening and took the night train to Feni (but I didn’t get a ticket for this journey, I had to come with a lot of trouble without a ticket) so I told you to plan the route properly and buy a return ticket.



# Places_who_don’t_go


Khasiapalli, Hakaluki Haor, Bholaganj Sadapathar, Agun Pahar, Lobachhara. Hakaluki Haor can be enjoyed more in winter. Because then different species of birds came to this haor. You can enjoy the rainy season again. And you can enjoy the fire in the mountains more in the afternoon. Bholaganj white stone and Lobachhara can be enjoyed more in the rainy season.




If you don’t find dirt there, remove the dirt in certain places. It will not ruin the beauty of the environment (I saw people throwing dirt everywhere despite having dustbins in many places)


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