Travel to Tanguar in the rainy season.

Before going to Sunamganj by Shyamoli bus from Dhaka, I found out that some roads leading to Tahirpur were submerged in water. So Majhi was summoned and brought in front of Bishwanathpur police station. The road from Sunamganj to Bishwanathpur was relatively good. So there was no difficulty to go. The sky was full of clouds even though there was very little rain intermittently throughout the day. However, I was a little disappointed to see the muddy water of the haor in so much rain. Sitting on the roof of the boat, I reached Tahirpur Bazaar to see the heavy rain and thick water all around. At the end of the market, I set off for the Watch Tower to soak my body in cold water. Seeing so many boats and people after leaving, what the atmosphere really looked like. Haor is no longer as quiet as before, the noise of many people seemed like a picnic spot. Anyway, after drowning in the water, I went to Tekerghat to watch the clouds play in the mountains. It’s like a captivating environment !! In the afternoon and evening, we wander around the spots around Niladri Lake, singing and chatting on the boat at night. After breakfast, I got up in the morning and got on the bike and walked around Barikka Tila, Jadukata Nadi, Rajachara Dharna (doubtful about the name), and Lakmachhara one by one. The journey from Tekerghat to Barikka Tila is remarkable in one word. The combination of mountains and waterfalls on the left is still there. When I climbed to the top of Barikka Tila, I saw about 4 waterfalls on the opposite hill. There were a lot of clouds which made the mind happy. In a word, it was one of the best tours of life. Everyone should visit Tanguar Haor at least once in the rainy season to enjoy this thrilling weather.



Note: We must take care not to harm the environment while traveling. Don’t be a criminal to the environment by throwing packets of chips, water bottles, diapers everywhere. The country is ours, the environment is also ours. So everyone should be a little careful.


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