Two Birds with one stone

There is no work at hand or it seems like what to do sitting at home all day tomorrow … maybe you want to get up a little early in the winter morning suddenly! Maybe you want to visit Dhaka for a few hours with your family or loved ones … Maybe you are free during the day, you will not stay at night, then this place may be something to improve your mood.


And yes, who doesn’t want to kill 2 birds with 1 stone? There are arrangements for that too … Panama City …
Let’s start with Panam, a very simple gate, a shoe sewing shop next door, (don’t be surprised). Entering through the gate, you will suddenly see how many old buildings and roads are blocked. If you don’t know, you might walk in from the side and hear, “Buy the ticket and bring it.” It will take 2 seconds to see the ticket counter. He entered with a ticket for 15 TK. The beginning is impressive, the most perfect pictures will be here. Going to the middle of the house will be a little confused and will look a little further ahead. I went inside and discovered why there is a shoe sewing shop next to the gate. For some strange reason some of my sister’s shoes are torn, it is understood that the shoes are often torn here, so, if you go, don’t forget to wear hard shoes;). 30 minutes is enough to look around, but you will not know how to spend 2 hours taking pictures. (zoom lens recommended) .. I swear the place will feel like a photographer’s paradise.





Now let’s come to @ folk art museum. Tickets for 30 TK. The first sight of entering seemed too artificial to me. I know this is not a place of natural beauty, but it seems that the matter of individuality has been lost. Tidy environment, museums, Jamdani sari shops, and in some places touch of rural Bengal like bamboo bridges .It will take about 1-18 30 hours to finish by looking at the pictures.



@@Travel and Food Cost:


I’ll tell you from experience. The rest is up to you. You will reach Gulistan by 10 am. Borak (AC – TK. 55) – Swadesh (TK. 45) will be available from the front of the stadium. It is better to go on the AC bus. You have to get off at Mugrapara, the bus contractor will say crossroads. So, don’t go down after seeing and hearing:  Lots of auto bikes and CNG, go to Panama first, rent 15 TK. The Folk Art Museum will be on the way. You will rent a rickshaw for 10 TK in Panama and go to the museum, food shop in the offsite, of course, the price is high. This time, however, the bus counter is on the other side of the main road, so, cross the overbridge and get off at the counter.


One last thing, it’s better to lower the expectation level a little …;)


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