Unseen World Darjeeling India.

What can I say about Darjeeling !!!!! I don’t have the ability to say or write without seeing …

Dhaka (6 hours 500 km 500 Taka) – Benapole Immigration – Bonga Railway Station (25 minutes 5 km 20 rupees) – Sealdah Station (2 hours 100 km, 50 rupees 50) – Howrah Bus / Taxi 20 rupees – Siliguri (12) 500 km / h, 180 rupees) – Darjeeling (Moon car 80 km hilly road 150 rupees – Asa-Siliguri-Burimari 100 km 2 hours-Changrabanda border cross – 550 km 12 hours 800 rupees Dhaka … ..






Islamia Hotel Muslim Hotel. The quality of food is very good. The price is also low. Rice and kebab are all available.
And Mom has to eat …
There is a train. It is probably located at the highest place in the world. You have to reserve a car. Or you can go with a group. There is 1 person named Saeed Bhai. He has his own car very well. There are 10/12 places to visit.









# Prayers:
There are Muslim areas. There are 3 beautiful mosques at the foot of the hill. Names are big and small mosques. Azan can be heard and prayers can be performed …




# Hotel:
Hill charm Hotel .. next to the mosque
From the owner to the employee all Muslim behavior and environment is very good …..




Many thanks to Redwan Khan brother of Bindas who has helped like his brother with information on crossing the Changrabanda border, starting from hotel, jeep car.


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