Vietnam Travel Story.

The rest is up to Ha-Chi-Mih City today. On June 7, our package tour was in the Mekon Delta and Chu-chi tunnels. There was a girl guide. Lunch is included inside as usual. First, we go to Chu-Chi tunnel. These tunnels are very interesting which is specially made for Vietnamese. It is not possible for others to adjust in these tunnels. Everyone should like this place if they have an interest. It is best to know the history. Otherwise, it is better to go with the guide. The guides can tell all the history. The story behind each tunnel, the father can be understood slowly. It is very difficult to understand without seeing all this.



Then we got in the car again. We went to Mekon Delta. We got out of the car and got into a big motorboat. He pulled us to a crowded place in the middle of the river. Honey shop. There is an opportunity to take a picture with a big snake on the body. Then he took us to another place in my Seim boat. From there we got on a small boat. This is actually the main attraction of Macon Delta. Coconut trees on both sides. Rows and rows of people are going by boat in the middle. Very little time though. But I like it.



Oh, we had lunch in the middle of it. The lunch was very traditional. If you agree to anything in the food, you have to let them know beforehand. The tour on the 7th is actually just that.



Our flight on the night of the 9th. But our plan from the morning was to go to Saigon Skydek. Skydeke ticket 200,000 Dong I like the sky so much. We actually spent there from 11 am to the afternoon. We also do lunch there. But I thought it was the best. Skydeke will get a joss view of Saigon City. Skydeck on the 49th floor. I was staring at it all the time. Glass around. Full three-sixty view. I thought even after watching it all the time, I would not be bothered. The shadow of the clouds can be clearly seen on the city in the midst of the sun. Mashallah Saigon whether such a beautiful view of the city and other things can be found.


There was a flight at night so I left at the airport in the afternoon. Then straight to Malaysia.


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