Visit Mayadwip Monpura.

Monpura Island is an island in the mouth of the Meghna River north of the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh. It is located in part of Monpura Upazila of Bhola district. The island has recently been attacked by pirates. The area of ​​the island is 363 square kilometers. Among the other coastal islands of this island is Bhola (which is the largest island in Bangladesh) and Hatia Island. Each of the islands is densely populated.


I have traveled all over Bangladesh. I mingled with thousands of different people. On this tour with thousands of characters. But people like this island have never been seen anywhere else in the country. It can be so sincere people it is unimaginably good for urban people like me. How is it so good!


Are they really the people of this country? What is there in Mayadwip? How are they so good! What did they do for us!
We were in the boat you see in the picture for three days. We were here in the storm-rain, they let us stay here completely free so that we would not be in danger of being caught in the storm. Our tents couldn’t really cope with the storm if they didn’t shelter us here. Since we went camping, they have made cooking pots, spoons, buckets, plates, and even stoves from home. They brought endless firewood from the house with which we cooked for three days and camped at night. He gave them to us without any exchange.


Monpura Island

The people of this island are as beautiful as nature. It seems that they are part of nature. The island will be about 40 kilometers. There are many deer here. Deer meet in the afternoon. The market is bustling at night. Fresh fish is available twice a day in the morning and afternoon. And I don’t know if fish can be found anywhere at such a low price. We were in danger when we went to buy fish, the same amount of fish was selling for only 50 Tk. After buying fish, I was wondering what to do with so many fish! There were also plans to return half. All types of fish are available fresh, starting from hilsa fish. And even if they ask to cook in the hotel by shopping themselves. Although we cooked and ate on the island. As it was getting dark at night, they brought Kupibati and solar lights. I paid for everything at night for free. They do not know how to do business with human weaknesses. They know how to help them. There was a little boy named “Rajib” with us all day… he helped us a lot.


The tears in his eyes as he said goodbye hurt us a lot. His language was “Will you really go to Chaila today?” Don’t you stay a more day? Please”

(“The little one ate inexperienced food with us and took her with me when we ate at the hotel”)

Maybe they are so kind because they stay away from this cursed city. Their island is as beautiful as theirs. We slept on the roof of the boat all night but never thought the “camera / mobile” downstairs would be stolen. Maybe they don’t know what to steal. Leaving everything in the boat, we walked around all day without fear. There was no fear of losing. There is no question about security. As if everyone on the island is busy in your custody.

How to go:


Launch from Dhaka, Sadarghat to Monpura Island. (Name of launch: “Farhan 3/4 and MV Tasrif-2)
Rent 150 Tk (according to the rental room if you take a cabin) The launch leaves at 5:30 pm and arrives early the next morning. On return, the launch leaves at 2 p.m. You can go to the headquarters by motorcycle or tempo from the launch dock. Bike rent is also low. 100 per bike. You can go down to any place. And there is also a hotel to stay in the headquarters. These hotels on the island are like decks, the rent is much lower. 300/400 rooms. Simple hotel. The price of coconut is much less here, 20/30 pieces. Last time we bought 10 pieces wholesale. “The island is mainly located in Bhola district.”


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