Visit Satchhari National Park Only for 680 tk in a Day!

Across the vast area, the forest is home to wild roosters, deer, bears, various species of snakes, monkeys, and a few other species of animals. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers, as well as the largest Surma tea garden in South Asia. There are 3 trails to walk in the forest.



Half an hour trail: – This half-hour trail can be reached to the village Tipra Para located inside the forest.


One hour trail: – In this 1-hour trail you can see some species of animals and birds.


Three-hour trail: – This trail is ideal for seeing the agar forest and various plants and animals.




We went on a one hour trail. Later I saw that I had a lot of time on my hands! Because the trial ended in 30-40 minutes. So I regretted not going on the three-hour trail. We did see snakes, wild chickens, monkeys, and birds, but some of us have enjoyed the trekking experience before. Deer can be seen very early in the morning and in the evening. There is a watchtower at the entrance of Satchhari Udyan! However, I did not forget to climb it. It is a wonderful place for nature lovers. On the opposite side of the park entrance gate, there is a tree activity which was started last year. You can do this tree activity for 100 tk per person. There are 5 steps in total! We were 6 people. We completed everything except one. The experience of this tree activity was basically to go. Then a shop is 1-2 minutes away from the park. It makes a great egg-muri. And 5-6 minutes away is the largest Surma tea garden in South Asia. You will also visit it. Even after lunch in Noapara, I see that the train will arrive at Jayantika Express station at 4:20 am with 2 hours left to arrive. We had to get our ticket to Shayestaganj. We got up and went to Shayestaganj for another half hour train journey. The 5:50 train arrives at Shayestaganj at 7:10 a.m. 20 minutes late. From there we get off at the airport station.







According to the guide, he himself sometimes forgets the road during the 3-hour trail. Because after going some distance, the road divides. One of us went a little further with the guide so we couldn’t figure out where to go. And since there are some wild animals including snakes in the forest, it is better to take a guide.



➤ This winter, 2-3 boys and girls spent the whole night in the forest by mistake. The next day, they were able to find a way out.


➤ And before you touch any tree in the forest, look carefully because one of our tour mates was standing in front of the tree to take a picture when suddenly I saw a long green snake jump into another tree. There is no way to understand that there is a snake here! It blends with the color of the leaves of the tree. The guide did not notice the name of the snake. It is very poisonous or there is no vaccine system. The 1st 2nd step of the tree activity is difficult. The rests are easy to cross. But you can’t be afraid. One of the 6 of us fell in the 2nd step. Leave hands to get more scared on stage. The body belt is obstructed with the cable, so even if you fall, hang with the cable and do not fall down. He was lowered down the ladder. So if you think you can do it before you get up. But I hope you have got a good adventurer to feel.




➤ You rent CNG / auto, First, deal with it. They want a lot of rent whenever they see a tourist. And tell them everything beforehand where to go.


Keep the train windows closed. Stealing and throwing stones on the train from Sylhet to Dhaka is a daily occurrence.



➤ Before leaving, I saw in some posts in the group that there are many guides to take care of! There is no car available on arrival so it is better to take reserve CNG / auto. But in fact, there is a guide and he has a shop where he has to call someone if he needs a guide. Because there is no SIM network that will call. And the tree activity is also the guide’s own. Cars and Available.


➤ No SIM e-network is available in Satchhari. Sometimes it is available in some places.



^Take enough water with you, you will not find water anywhere in the forest.


If you want around you can go to Chunarughat’s Greenland Park! However, if you go to Greenland Park first and go around Satchhari, the rent will be less. Otherwise, the cost will be the same. We did not go. Dreamland Park from Noapara wants 1000-1200 tk for CNG fare, said our driver Mama



#How to go:


The Parbati Express from Dhaka Airport Station leaves Sylhet at 7:10 am (from Kamalapur at 6:35 am). If you want to go to Satchhari, you have to get off at Noapara Station. You will reach by 10 am.

If you want you can also get off at Shayestaganj station. From there take Chunarughat CNG / auto to Satchhari by bus. We got off at Noapara station. Noapara Bazar Station in CNG / Auto in the same way on arrival. From there the Shaistaganj at 5:50 pm or the Parbati Express from Noapara at 6:20 pm leaves for Dhaka. Arrives at the airport by 9:30 am.




Noapara / Shayestaganj train ticket from Dhaka 215 Taka.


By train Noapara / Shayestaganj – 215 tk. CNG from Noapara 350 rupees (basic fare 250 + 100 tk extra for waiting) Tree Activity – 100 tk per person Guide cost – tk. 300 (1-hour trail) (tk. 700 for 3 hours) If you have an entry ticket student card at Satchhari, you will get 15 taka (25 taka).

On arrival, you will get 300 tk less by auto (from Surma tea garden to the station) if you don’t go to the tea garden. They no longer had to spend money to get a ticket sponsor when they arrived. Lunch also depends on the cost of the meal, so I did not give it. We have about 680 tk. per person including the cost of food.




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