Visit St. Martin for 4,000 TK.

I visited St. Martin with 3 cousins ​​for 2 nights and 3 days at only 4000 TK per person.





The fare from Gabtali to Hanif bus is 900 TK to Teknaf. Breakfast in Teknaf is 50 TK. Our plan was to go by ship and on the third day in the morning I will go to Cox’s Bazar by trawler to Teknaf. Arrived in St. Martin around 12 o’clock. From here we bought a room for 4 people at Hotel sand shore for 2 nights at 1000 TK (333 TK per person). Then I took a package of 100 TK for lunch. Rice, pulses, mashed potatoes, and dried fish curry. Then I went to the beach with a little rest, took a bath and came back to the room. After breakfast in the evening, I ordered chicken barbecue and went to the beach. Our per person costs 150 TK. I ate live tuna fish, shrimp, crab fried on the beach for 3 people, took 200 TK. I ate BBQ at 10 pm. After eating I went to the beach again, to enjoy Josna. I rented a double seat there for unlimited time with 50 TK. + I rented a bicycle for Chhera Island for 3 hours 150 TK per person. On the way I ate dab for 50 TK, one dab filled the stomachs of 3 people. I came back and took a bath on the beach. I returned to the hotel. After having a light breakfast in the afternoon, I bought a ticket from Cox’s Bazar to Dhaka for 800 TK, on the Tuba line.






Then I ordered a bbq of marine fish for three people at a hotel, went to the beach, took half a kg of coral for 300 TK, with paratha. I called bbq ready at 10 pm. After eating, I went to the beach again. Cut, left at 10 o’clock. I reached Teknaf, 1 o’clock (so slowly), from there I got in the car in Cox’s Bazar for 150 TK per person. On the way there were 6 police checks, I didn’t eat all day + I realized I didn’t spend the day in Cox’s Bazar anymore. I reached in the evening.


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