Visit to Kirtipasha Zamindar Bari, Gabkhan Bridge, Bhimruli Bazar in Boishakh.

Bhimruli of Boishakh

Bhimruli Bazaar is famous for its floating guava market. During the guava season in August-September, a lot of tourists come here.
We all know the form of Bhimruli of that time. Since I have to go to Barisal for a job, I thought let’s see what the situation is like in Boishakh.

Kirtipasha Bazaar in Jhalokati. From there take another auto to Bhimruli Bazar. I was surprised to go down to Bhimruli. Bhimruli is not going to Chennai in the glory of summer.





There is not much water in the canal. There is no such market. How quiet, silent all around at 11 o’clock in the afternoon. I went to a shop and asked, is this Bhimruli Bazaar? The man looked at me and said, yes.

For some time I went around the zamindar’s house.

Kirtipasha zamindar’s house

I got in the auto from Bhimruli to go to Kirtipasha zamindar. The manor house is now used as a school. There are no people because it is Friday. For some unknown reason, as soon as he entered the house premises, his body was creepy. I looked around in fear but did not dare to go inside or to the roof. I took some pictures from outside and went to the market.





Let us know a little bit about the history of Kirtipasha zamindar house, (from Bengali Wikipedia)

“The Kirtipasha zamindar house was established about a hundred years ago. Some parts of the descendants of Bikrampur zamindar established the Kirtipasha zamindar house in Jhalokati district in the late 19th century. He built two houses, the old house for the eldest son which was known as Zamindar Bari, which was 10 annas, and the old house for the youngest son, which was known as Zamindar Bari for 8 years. Some parts of the son’s zamindar’s house survive. The zamindar’s son was poisoned to death and his wife died with him. They were later buried together. There is still a nat temple, hall house, small and big temple. Two famous people of the dynasty are Rohini Roy Chowdhury and Tapan Roy Chowdhury. “





Gabkhan Bridge Darshanah

I first came to know about Gabkhan Bridge while reading the details of Rocket Steamer Launch Journey. The 18 km long Gabkhan Channel connects the Sandha River in Pirojpur and the Sugandha River in Jhalokati. It is said that Gabkhan Channel is one of the most beautiful navigable routes in the country. From that greed comes the hobby of seeing bridges. We can find out more about the bridge by searching the net, the bridge is very high and can be seen from far above the bridge.

When I got on the bridge in the car, I realized that it is really very high. I had to climb to the top for a long time. All the huge rain trees on the side of the bridge once bowed to the height of the bridge. To get a better view of the bridge, I crossed the bridge and got out of the car and walked towards the bridge.

I was getting up to look around on foot and was amazed. We do not know how many hidden beauties there are in different parts of the country. Standing on the bridge, I saw the movement of ships and boats. It looked pretty from a height. I took pictures, made videos and got on the side of the bridge to get on the bus.

You have to pay toll to get on the bridge with the vehicle. A few boys are standing on the road stopping vehicles and collecting tolls. Many are leaving without toll. The BRTC bus bound for Barisal came to see the story of toll collection. After completing the tour of Jhalokati district, I went to Barisal.

Ways to travel:

Barisal or Jhalokati from anywhere in the country. Auto is available from Jhalokati bus stand to Kirtipasha Zamindar Bari / Bhimruli Bazar / Gabkhan Bridge. If not, you will go to the college by local auto. Get auto from there.

1. I will not treat the locals in such a way that they are annoyed to see any tourist / traveler later.
2. Try to keep the dirt that will accumulate in the launch in your own polythene or bag. If they are thrown in the dustbin of the launch, they are thrown in the river during the day.


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