Visit Ulania Jame Mosque, Barisal.

Barisal is a city known as the Venice of the East. In this ancient city, various installations of ancient history and tradition are still observed. Notable among these is the Ulania Jame Mosque. The mosque was established in 181 at Ulania village in Mehendiganj upazila of Barisal district. The history of the oppression of the Mughal Portuguese is also associated with this magnificent mosque.

Public life in the region was disrupted by Mughal Portuguese pirates in the early fifteenth century. The Mughal emperor Aurangzeb sent Subedar Shaista Khan to suppress them. A fort was built at Gobindpur in Mehendiganj to repel the pirates, including a large army of feudal lords. Which was known as Sangram Kella. Md. Hanif of Persian descent showed heroism by leading against the pirates. And at the end of the expedition he left here.
Was established about one and a half years ago






Ulania Jame Mosque.
At one time Md. Hanif’s successor Sheikh Md. Habiz, nephew and son-in-law came and settled in Ulania a little west of the fort. And zamindari was established here during the reign of Sheikh Md. Sadruddin, son of Sheikh Md. Habiz. The Ulania Mosque was built in front of the gate of the zamindar’s house surrounded by a high wall. The Sangram fort built during the expedition was at one time lost in the riverbed. This Ulania Jame Mosque is now called by many as Sangramkella.





This aesthetic mosque with 3 domes is built in the shape of the Taj Mahal. Although it has been reformed several times, it has been reformed keeping its original structure intact. The beautiful architectural style has made the mosque attractive to tourists. Built in Mughal architectural style, the mosque has 3 doors. There is a latticework established on that iron envelope before the main house. In addition to this, on the outer wall, various geometric designs and flower fruit designs are also observed. There are also 3 inscriptions on the 3 entrance doors of the mosque. There is also a pond built in front of the mosque. There is also a place to stay next to the mosque.


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