Visiting North Ganabhaban, Natore.

The famous Dighapatiya palace in Natore is now known as Uttara Gonovobon. Rani Bhabani of Natore gifted Dighapatiya Pargana to her Naib Dayaram Roy. Later the Naib built several palaces there. The 43-acre lake and walled palace has a total of 12 buildings. A clock made by the famous Coke and Television Company has been installed at the top of the pyramid-shaped four-storey entrance of Uttara Ganobhaban. Upon entering the main palace building, one can see the king’s throne, attack armor and sword. In the courtyard of the royal palace there is a well-decorated garden with sculptures collected from Italy. Haparmali, Nilmanilata, Raj-Ashoka, Parijat, Karpur, Sauravi, Haimanti, Yastimadhu, Banpulak, Peyali, Senuti, Tarajhara, Sycas, Madhabi etc. are found in this charming garden. There are also statues of Raja Prasannath, sculptures of Zamindar Dayaram, four cannons, Kumar Bhavan, tehsil office and guest house.





Schedule of Uttara Ganobhaban visit
In summer, Uttara Ganobhaban is open for visitors from 10 am to 6 pm, but in winter it is closed at 5 pm. Uttara Ganobhaban is closed every Sunday of the week. To enter the courtyard of Ganobhaban, one has to buy a ticket worth 20 rupees.

How to go
Natore can be reached by road and rail from Dhaka. It takes only 15 minutes to reach Uttara Ganobhaban by CNG-powered autorickshaw from Natore bus stop or railway station. Or you can get enough rickshaws or autorickshaws to go to Uttara Ganobhaban from anywhere in Natore. It takes 30 rupees to go to Uttara Ganobhaban from Madrasa junction in Natore.






By bus from Dhaka to Natore
There are several bus services from Dhaka to Natore, including Green Line, Hanif, Desh, Shyamli and National Transport. These buses regularly ply from Dhaka’s Kalyanpur and Gabtali bus terminals to Natore.

Train from Dhaka to Natore
From Dhaka to Rangpur, Dinajpur, Lalmonirhat-bound Rangpur Express, Lalmoni Express, Drutayan Express, Ekta Express, Nilsagar Express trains stop at Natore station and proceed to their destination. So knowing the time, you can easily go to Natore by these trains.





Where to eat
There are several different quality restaurants in Natore to fill your stomach. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at any restaurant of your choice. Islamia Panchur Hotel has a good reputation for low cost meals. The food at Nayan Hotel near the railway station is also quite good. Chalanbil and Rani Bhabani are famous all over Bangladesh for their delicious fish. So it would not be right to miss this opportunity to eat fish while traveling in Natore. You can also bring the famous raw golla of Natore with you.


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