You can go to Mahamaya Lake to get a little bit of feelings.

Location: Mahamaya Lake

Many people want to get lost in the waves of the sea. But in reality, it is not possible for everyone.  For that, You can also go kayaking on Mahamaya Lake to get some of these feelings.







WAY TO GO: Take a bus from Chittagong / Dhaka to Mirsarai, Thakurdighi Bazar. If you go a little further, you will see Mahamaya Gate. From there you will reach Mahamaya’s main gate at CNG fare of Tk 15 per person.

Tickets will cost 10 TK per person at the gate.

If you go in front of the lake, you will see the smiling brother Saidul, then he will make all the arrangements.
Usually, it costs 300 per hour for kayaking, but 200 per hour if you show student ID. There were 8 of us in 3 kayaks for 1.5 hours and it cost 900 TK. There will be life jackets for everyone, so those who can’t swim can also do kayaking.




Apart from kayaking, you can also go to enjoy the natural beauty of Mahamaya, but without going kayaking, you will actually feel sorry.

Before entering the main gate of Mahamaya, you will see a few shops on the right-hand side (we ate at the “Ma Babar Dowa” hotel and the quality of food was good enough), you can order food there, after kayaking you can get the food ready.

Happy traveling. :}


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