You can visit Tangail for one day outside Dhaka.

Cost: 750 / – to 850 / –

In the morning you can first go to Jamuna Resort (East of Bangabandhu Bridge). Tangail new bus stand became Elanga bus stand at noon. Then come to the secluded corner of the city for lunch and reserve CNG from the baby stand area (Rs. 300-400) to become Maulana Atani Mosque of Maulana Bhasani University of Science and Technology (the picture of this mosque built in 1809 was on the old Rs. 10 note). After a snack from Bazar Mishti Patti (Gopal Mistanna Bhandar / Joykali), you can visit DC Lake in the evening.






How to get there: You can go by bus or train.
It is better to go by train because the Jamuna Resort Bangabandhu Bridge East railway station has an auto fare of Tk 5 per person. There is a train from Kamalapur to Dhumketu-6.00 am and Sundarbans-6.20 am. Rent 115 rupees.
Buses: From Mohakhali Bus Terminal take a bus to Pabna / Sirajganj / Natore / Bogra before Bangabandhu Bridge (Jamuna Bridge).
Or take the local bus from Mohakhali Bus Terminal to Tangail New Bus Terminal and then take the Jamuna Bridge local bus east of Bangabandhu Bridge. Good bus on Dhaka-Tangail route Nirala Super.








There are more places to visit in Tangail – Mahera Zamindar Bari (Mirzapur), Kortia Zamindar Bari, Madhupur Shalban, Madhupur National Park, Elenga Resort, Dokhla Rest House, Isamati Lake. Pakutia Zamindarbari (Delduar), Elenga Resort, Nagarpur Upendra Sarobar, Nagarpur Zamindar Bari (Chowdhury Bari), Dhalapara Union Zamindar Bari (Ghatail), Mokna Zamindar Bari (Nagarpur), Mirzapur Cadet College, Bharateshwari Homes, etc.





(All day costs for a group of five people,
Outbound bus fare-150 / – per person, Khawadawa- all day -350 / -, other- 150 / – Asar bus fare -150 / -)


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