Zinda Park, enrich in 250 species of about 10,000 trees, can be visited at a cost of only 150 TK per person.

Zinda Park, which is rich in 250 species and about 10,000 trees, can be visited at a cost of only 150 TK per person.
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Zinda Park matches its place with the feature of its name. You will not find a better natural picnic spot near Dhaka for a day tour. Full of birds chirping all around. In winter you will get palm juice.




@ What can you see?


1 / There are different types of forest and fruit trees throughout the park. There are many ponds with green fields. It has a nest on a tree. There are a few swings next to the pond. There is an island right in the middle of the lake where you can enjoy a cup of tea with your loved ones.

2 / A mosque.
3/ A 4 storied visually pleasing library.
4 / Lake where you will get the opportunity to travel by boat for only 50 TK.
5 / A school and college.
6 / There is a free treatment in the community hospital




@ What to eat?


There is a restaurant where you can have lunch for 220 TK (chicken/beef/fish meat, vegetables unlimited pulses, and rice). If you want you can bring outside food but for this, you have to pay 25 TK per person.



# How to go?

From any part of Dhaka, you can go to Basundhra Residential from Pocket Gate for only 50 TK per person. And if you come from there, you can come in the same way, you will get a battery-powered car from morning to evening. If there are more people, you can rent the whole car for 300 TK.
If you want you can take your own bike or car.


Tickets are 100 rupees per person, 50 TK for children.

# @@@ Opening hours and weekly holidays @@@

The park is open from 7 am on Maghrib’s Azan. It has no weekly holidays. It is open 7 days a week.


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