Zinda Park may be your first choice for a day trip.

The park is located at Daudpur, Rupganj, Narayanganj near Dhaka. Only 30 km from Dhaka. only 16 km from Purbachal  300 feet. The park was established in 1970 with the efforts of seven people. The park is run by the Agrapathik Palli Samiti on 100 bighas of land. To enter the park you have to pay 100 (adult) 50 (child) Tk.






Entering the park, on the left-hand side is “Little Angel Seminary School”. Then there is a handsome mosque and a library. There are also playgrounds, Eidgahs, huge forests and hills, 5 lakes. There are over 250 species of ornamental trees in the forest. You will be fascinated by the call of forest birds. You will find beautiful restaurants in the forest. The name of the jar is “Mahua”. All local food is available. Potato, eggplant, dried mash. Puishak eggplant fried. Pulses and beef, Chicken.





Everything sells as a package. The price varies somewhat due to the differences in the items inside the package. But within 220 to 250 (we haven’t eaten so I don’t know what the taste is).
There is a paddleboat system in the lake. There is a floating bridge in the middle of the lake. Be careful when crossing the river or straight into the water.






How to get there: If you have your own car, Kuril will be 300 feet, cross Purbachal, and 1 km by Dhaka bypass. Mr. Go to the front and Zinda Park on the right-hand side.




If you go local, you can get a car or CNG from under the Kuril flyover. Local trip to Kanchan is 40-50 TK. After that Zinda Park for 20 TKin auto.


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