Applicable for groups of 3 people.

How to get around Dhaka-Saint Martin-Cox’s Bazar-Dhaka per person for only 3989 TK?








First get on the Hanif Non AC Night Coach from Saidabad to Teknaf. Rent 900 TK, departure around 6: 30-6: 00 pm. You will be dropped off at Teknaf’s Carey Ghat around 6 am, get down and have breakfast, there is a hotel next to the ghat. Parota, vegetables are available, parota 10 TK, and vegetables 20 TK. Tea 10 TK, 3 of us were getting 180 rupees bill. As there are no other shops nearby, the price of food at this hotel is double, so ask the price before eating. You can buy a ticket for the ship before breakfast, we bought a ticket for the main deck at 550 TK (up down). Leaving the ship at 9.15-9.30. When you have time, you can go around the wharf, but it is better not to go too far. Because there are not many people on the road in the morning, hilly area, so it is better to be careful. Before leaving the ship, collect an entry ticket from the counter for free, then leave for the ship. The entry ticket will be placed at the head of the wharf and if you go a little further, you will also leave the ship ticket. And you will be given 2 tickets, one for going and one for coming. Give the ticket before boarding the ship. Call out after leaving the ship, you will see a lot of gangchill (not sure) flying around the ship. You can buy chips to give to Gangchil. Shortly after embarking on the Naf River, the ship will reach the sea and the water will gradually turn blue. The surrounding hills will attract you. You will reach St. Martin around 12-1 to see these. As soon as you get down, you will have to fix the hotel first, you will have to buy the hotel, now that the season is coming, the price will be much higher. We bought a room for 1 single and 2 double beds for 500 TK, on the second floor. Now, of course, the rent is going to increase. There is no electricity in St. Martin, the generator is running from 6 to 10 in the evening. It is better to have a power bank. Check in and leave to take a bath on the beach. Return to the room after bathing, search the nearby hotel Gula for lunch. We ate with rice, pulses, mashed fish, mashed potatoes, the bill for 3 people was 200 rupees. After eating, I went back to the hotel and rested. Around 4:30 I went for a walk on the west side of the island to watch the sunset. If you have trouble recognizing, you will see that many people are going by rickshaw, take a walk in that direction, it will take 20 minutes to go. If you want you can go by rickshaw, the fare will be 50-60 rupees. Go and see the sunset, I think it will come like a kind of peace. If you look at the opposite side of the sunset, you will see a huge moon. It would seem so close to see that you might think that as soon as you climb the tree in front of you, you will be able to catch Chand Mama. Return to the hotel by rickshaw in the evening, come and charge the phone. Rest and go out at 9 o’clock to have a barbecue.









There are many shops near the beach, buy a fish at a bargain price, we bought coral fish for 300 rupees, with parota 9 o’clock (90 TK). When it’s all over, rent 3 benches and sit on the beach. And the taste of food while sitting in a 5 star hotel, it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. After eating, return to the hotel at around 12 o’clock with a little more sea air, come and jump and take a nap.



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