You can leave the mechanical fatigue in a pleasant environment. As a bonus, there is a trip to Tindu, a large rocky area. And if you try a little harder, you will see Nafakhum.     >> Dhaka >> Bandarban >> Thanchi >> Remakri   On the way back, you can return

Marigold flower garden

Pile flower garden. The huge field in the background can be seen in the middle of January, there is a combination of various flowers. Gladiolus, gerberas, roses, lotus, and many more flowers.       I went on November 25, 2017  Flower trees are being planted in all the fields. The local


Place, Date: Gulmarg, Kashmir, 20/11/2017     How to get there: Dhaka-Kolkata - Delhi-Srinagar (by air), then Srinagar-Gulmarg by car. There are many more ways to go, but it was not possible to take the risk of traveling for a long time as I had a small kid with me.