Bansbaria Beach.

Bansbaria was one of the few known and favorite places of travelers this year.
Bashundhara Group started their factory work here in the last few days. For which the work of sand extraction began by laying a pipeline over the beach. After that you will not get the previous Banshbaria now. Maybe in the next 3-4 months you will not find anything here except the sound of machines and these pipelines. The bridge on the other hand was a thing to be attracted to. Tao did not escape from the lust of the lessors. You have to buy a ticket to get on the bridge.





Banshbaria became well-known but could not last long. The revolution period of Banshbaria started.
Picture taken two days ago.

How to get there – Dhaka – Sitakunda (Bansbaria). Twenty rupees per person from the market to the beach at Sin G.


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