Chera Dwip.

St. Martin’s Island spread over an area of ​​9 km! The location of Chhera Island is only 3 km away from it! The beauty rate of Chhera Island is close to the beauty of St. Martin! Corals, vegetation, and sea waves enhance the beauty of the island! Rotate the whole island while eating coconuts! Avoid the place where the video was made, this place is the riskiest! Do not be foolish to go barefoot to the island! Coral reefs stand so big that big accidents can happen! There are several ways to go to Chheradwip! Speedboats, trawlers, bicycles, and on foot! However, the most fun can be found by cycling, you can see the whole village! Bicycle rent is taken like an hour, trawler rent is 150, and speedboat reserves 1600 tk! If you do trawler and speedboat, you can’t stay for more than one hour!






Let’s share some experiences about St. Martin! First of all, let’s get rid of the confusion! Many people think that the ship movement is stopped due to the issue of Rahinga! But no, now all kinds of problems are solved! Kerry Sindabad, Kutubdia movement in time! To stay at a low cost, if you want to eat, you have to go to St. Martin and be the best Stingy in the world! otherwise, you will be ruined! 500 tk hotel will want 2000 tk! 100 tk fish will want 300 tk! So bargain for everything! St. Martin is a very safe place, you can spend the night on the beach! However, an accident happened on November 26! A mobile phone was stolen from the second floor of the hotel in front of us! Such an incident has never happened before, for which the hotel authorities have expressed regret! Anyway, keep everyone’s belongings at your own risk! But the people of St. Martin are very good!







Now I am giving some ideas about the cost! I highlighted my cost, you will understand the rest! Cox’s Bazar bus fare from Chittagong 250 tk! From there by CNG to Shaplapur 150 tk per person! Teknaf for 100 tk from Shaplapur! I have divided the road to enjoy Marine Drive! You can’t enjoy Marine Drive by bus! 1 hour + 30 minutes will take a total of 1.30 hours to go to Teknaf with Marine Drive! Local CNG from Teknaf 20 Taka Carry Ship Ghat! From there come to rent a ship for 550 tk! Then when I reached St. Martin, I was booking a room at Hotel Sea-Sand for 500 tk! Now offseason so fewer tourists! So take as much profit as you can! The hotel was quite nice, there was an open space in front! And yes there was a cradle! And the cost of food was 160 tk per day! Coral fish 100, rice 30 tk (you can eat as much as you want), vegetables 30 tk! Went to Chera Island by sharing a speedboat, so the cost was a little higher! It cost me about 3800 tk to reach Chittagong with 4 meals! I was alone in the room, it might have been a little less expensive to share! However, after the 10th, the hotel rent will be Tripled!


There is no electricity in St. Martin, so if you can, take the power bank! Robi, Banglalink, Airtel, Grameenphone network service is good there!


Don’t go down the side of the Daruchini beach that has a red flag! There are a few deep holes, some have died here! When I go somewhere, I get to know better about it so that I can help others!
If you have more money, try Mast B to scuba!
Please don’t ruin the environment by going around! Get rid of dirt and garbage in the right place!


How to get there: Take any bus from Dhaka to Teknaf by Teknaf, from Teknaf Ghat by trawler or by ship to St. Martin’s Island. Trawler, bicycle or hiking trail from St. Martin’s Island. 2-3 resorts are also open in the off-season for accommodation, and all hotels and resorts will be open in the season.


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