Day and night on the paddle steamer.

There were two options in mind with the tour. There was an intense attraction between the two.

1. Sajak – Valley of Clouds
2. River Cruise on the Centennial Paddle Steamer





I couldn’t figure out which trip to choose. Meanwhile, two expensive tours in a month is not possible. This time I have a real example of the concept of ‘Opportunity Cost’ in macroeconomics. Taking an opportunity is like losing another opportunity. River Cruise on a paddle steamer was the final winner in the duel between ‘Sajek Trip or Paddle Steamer Trip’.







Dhaka to Morelganj. In that 20 hour trip, nature matched many of its forms in front of its eyes, day and night. As if he wanted me to ride the paddle steamer. But he also had a thought, the boy wanted to go to the valley of clouds to see the clouds.





Something happened suddenly at noon. Clouds flew in groups and began to gather. It was as if someone had chased Sajek’s clouds in front of the steamer. A strange whirlwind scene is created. If nature does not understand her child, who else can? What an unbearably beautiful scene!

The clouds of the sky go to the river and mingle as if they have a deep union with the water! The steamer was slowly running towards the beauty pageant with its two legs … and I was swallowing the scene sitting on the master bridge … Life in the food, life in the food …

PS Mahsud | Dhaka-Morelganj | 02.10.18
A Trip By Travelers Express
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ঃ Paddle steamer related
4 paddles running – Lepcha, Mahsud, Ostrich, Turn
8:30 from Sadarghat: Sat, Sun, Tue, Wed.
Dhaka to Barisal: Non AC Double 1280, AC Double 2300
Dhaka to Morelganj: Non AC Double 2100, AC Double 3615
Tickets: / BIWTC Office / Ghat


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